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Kevin Kreider Girlfriend: Take a Look at Bling Empire’s Actor’s Love Life!

After three seasons of the reality show Bling Empire, most viewers still don’t know much about Kevin Kreider’s real life. Kane told us that he was born in South Korea and raised in Pennsylvania. He also told us that he tried to date Kim Lee, but it didn’t work out.

We don’t know much about his work, though. Is he still modeling? This gives us an idea of how much he is worth. Even though we knew he wasn’t an heir or heiress like most people in the Bling Empire, he didn’t say much about his wealth. Also, has he finally found a girlfriend who isn’t a member of his cast?

We know the following about Kevin Kreider.

Kevin Kreider’s Career

Fans of Kevin will be happy to hear that he has been chosen to be in the upcoming movie Asian Persuasion. According to Variety, the film is being directed by Jhett Tolentino, who has won three Tony Awards and a Grammy.

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The movie is about a chef trying to marry off his ex-wife so he can stop paying alimony. The film will be a romantic comedy so that Kevin will show off his funny side. You might be surprised to learn that the movie is just one of Kevin’s many on-screen roles.

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend

Kevin was in the 2019 documentary The Ugly Model, the TV show Kat Loves LA, and the mini-series Dating After College before Bling Empire. Kevin has also started a new business called Be More Matcha. The company says it sells “the best matcha supplement for more natural energy.”

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Also, as seen in Season 3, Kevin started a brand of non-alcoholic sparkling drinks called SANS. People who don’t want to drink but still want to hang out with friends can have this drink instead. You can find out more about the product on the company’s website. By the way, it seems he doesn’t model as much these days.

What About Kevin’s Love Life?

You shouldn’t hold your breath if you hoped that Kim and Kevin would get back together. Kim even told Kevin that he was not her type. They just don’t go together. But, as shown in season 3, Kevin recently got in touch with Devon Diep, who used to be his girlfriend.

They broke up years ago because he was having trouble staying sober, and they couldn’t be together. He said that Devon was the only woman he had ever considered marrying. After getting to know each other in Europe, the two decided to try again.

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend

We did some digging to find out if the former lovers who got married are still together, and it looks like Kevin will play her husband in Devon’s upcoming music video for her song “Talk About.” If you look at their Instagram pages, you can see that Kevin posted a video on August 26 of him hanging out with her and Christine.

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What is Kevin Kreider’s Net Worth?

There were rumors that Kevin was worth $10 million, but he recently shot those rumors down. In an interview with CNBC’s Make It, he said, “I’ll let everyone know when that happens” (his net worth will be in the millions).

He said, “For a long time, I thought my most successful years were when I was a personal trainer.” He was talking about when he had $26,000 in credit card debt. And now that the show is over, I can see that my best times are still to come. And they’re already happening.”

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend

Even though he has a long way to go before he’s as rich as the rest of the cast (we believe in you, Kev! ), he’s finally renting a place for himself. His 515-square-foot apartment costs $1,700 a month. Not even close to $19,000, Jamie Xie said that she pays for her apartment, but it still feels like a “luxury” to him.

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