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After going missing in Hawaii, ‘Days Of Our Lives’ actor James Lastovic has been located safe and sound.

UPDATED, 12:15 PM: Both the actor James Lastovic and his roommate Nevin Dizdari was located unharmed in Hawaii. On Instagram, Dizdari’s sister shared the news that her brother and her friend had been lost while hiking, but that they had found their way back to their vehicle and were now driving toward the resort where they were staying.

Since Sunday, the two had not been seen, and while they were supposed to return to Los Angeles on Monday, they never showed up.

His mother, Lucienne Lastovic, disclosed the news on Instagram that her son, along with his roommate Nevin Dizdari, had been vacationing in Kauai and were supposed to return to Los Angeles on Monday, but they never showed up.

Days Of Our Lives' actor James Lastovic

The last time anybody heard from the two was on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Hawaii time when they sent a text message to Carrie Flanders, who was serving as their hostess at the Hanalei Bay Resort, where they were staying.

According to Lucienne Lastovic, they had asked her for information on Kokee State Park, which is where they could go on the lengthy trail trek, as well as directions to the cliff diving spot at Shipwreck Beach, where they wanted to go cliff diving.

The two individuals did not come back to the resort on Sunday night at any point. They forgot their goods at the resort, and the authorities are currently in control of those items. According to information provided to Deadline by a representative for the Kauai Police Department, the investigation into the incident has been handed over to the Kauai police detectives division.

During the years 2015–2017 and again in 2020, Lastovic played the role of Joey Johnson on Days of Our Lives. Additionally, he has a significant recurring role as Christian Keene in the Netflix series Insatiable, which is a dark comedy.

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