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Max Thieriot Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make After the Seal Season 6?

Max Thieriot is an actor from the United States with a net worth of $2 million. Max Thieriot was born in Los Altos Hills, California, and grew up in Occidental, California. He was also known by the name Maximillion Drake Theriot. After taking an improvisation class with talent manager Don Gibble, he decided to try to make a living as an actor.

He started as a model and was in ads for GAP and other brands. Then he started adding short films to his list of work. When he was sixteen, “Catch That Kid” gave him his first role in a full-length movie. In 2013, he started appearing on the hit A&E show “Bates Motel.” since then, he’s been in films like “The Pacifier,” “The Astronaut Farmer,” “Nancy Drew,” “Jumper,” “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl,” “My Soul to Take,” “Stay Cool,” “Chloe,” “Foreverland,” “Yellow,” “The House at the End of the Street,” and “Disconnect” as a supporting actor or co-star.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth says Max’s net worth is around $2 million, which makes sense given his early success. The Californian kid who grew up in a small town took some improv classes when he was younger, which interested him in acting.

max thieriot net worth

A manager quickly signed him and began modeling for The Gap because of his skills and good looks. Max’s first movie role was in 2004, in Catch That Kid, with Kristen Stewart, who was known for being a bit controversial.

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Soon, Max was everywhere. He got parts in movies like The Pacifier with Vin Deisel, Nancy Drew with Emma Roberts, and Jumper, where he played a younger version of Hayden Christensen’s character.

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Max Thieriot Projects

Even though the talented young man was cast in many projects for kids, more adult-focused directors started giving him dramatic roles in movies like The Astronaut Farmer and the Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore psycho-thriller Chloe. After the movie Chloe, which Atom Egoyan directed, came out, Max started getting roles in more and more independent films.

max thieriot net worth

The Family Tree and Disconnect are two of them. But he was also a horror movie legend for a while. He starred in My Soul to Take by Wes Craven and House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence. Without a doubt, this is why Bates Motel hired him in 2013.

Max was in all 50 episodes of the Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore suspense drama, which was a huge hit. He played Dylan Bates, Norman Bates’s troubled half-brother, in the movie. The show allowed him to show off his acting skills in a way that he might not have been able to do before.

Of course, the job also gave him the most steady pay at the time. Even though Vera and Freddie made more money on the show, Max got paid for directing one of the episodes. Max was able to keep getting better at this skill throughout two episodes of his next show, SEAL Team.

Max Thieriot dropped off the map between Bates Motel and SEAL Team. And for people who don’t watch the David Boreanaz CBS Show (now on Paramount +), it seems Max disappeared. But there are fans of SEAL Team, and Max is one reason.

Max’s Fans Love His Personal Life

Fans love max because of who he is as a person, not just because he is a great actor and a real eye-catcher on screen. Most of all, how he got along with his wife, Alexis Murphy, and their two sons.

Max spends a lot of time outside with his sons having adventures, and it’s clear that he is very close to them. In fact, it looks like Max is close to many of the people in his life, at least based on what Instagram shows. Fans can usually tell if a celebrity is real or not, and Max is nothing but natural and normal.

max thieriot net worth

Fans also love that he acts like he doesn’t know anything about his Bates Motel brother, Freddie Highmore, or the SEAL Team cast members with whom he works out. Max has always been in great shape, but he had to get even better for his role as a Navy SEAL. The guy is in excellent condition.

Even though Max isn’t as well-known as he used to be, a show like SEAL Team still has a large and loyal fan base. One that will stay with him when he moves on to new shows, which he will do when the SEAL Team ends. Fans are excited to see where Max will go next and how much money he will make along the way.

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