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Celltracker Io: Vs Traffic Comparison! is a mobile-tracking app that helps you keep track of your activity and movements on your smartphone. It also provides insights into your daily routine and how it can be improved. vs Which one is better? is certainly more feature-rich than, but it may also have a higher price point.

If you’re just looking to track your daily habits, then may be a better option because it’s free to use. However, if you want more detailed insights into your activities, is the better choice because of its extensive features and data-tracking ability.

What is is a mobile-tracking app that helps users keep track of their location, Speed, and battery life. The app also provides statistics and reports on how you perform compared to other users. offers a free version, which limits tracking to the last 90 days, and a paid version that includes unlimited tracking and access to more advanced features such as heatmaps and aggregated performance data. vs Traffic Comparison!

While and offer mobile-tracking services, the two apps offer different features and pricing plans. The table below compares the key elements of the two apps.[1]

Feature Free Version No Yes Paid Version No Yes Location Tracking GPS only GPS + Bluetooth LE Speed Tracking Accelerometer only Speed + Battery Life Tracking Battery Only Heat Maps No Yes Aggregated Performance Data, No Yes

What is celltracker io? is a mobile-tracker-free website that lets you track your devices’ location and usage. In contrast, cell tracker s a paid service offering more features and is ad-supported.

The two sites have several similarities. Both offer a detailed log of where your device has been and what apps it has used. The only difference between the two services is that cell tracker io provides additional features, such as the ability to monitor battery life and send alerts when your device enters or leaves a particular area. However, overall we think cell tracker io is the better option because it’s free and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

What are the differences between and cell tracker io?

CellTracker IO is a alternative to the more commonly used Both and cell tracker offer the same tracking capabilities, but some key differences are worth noting.

First and foremost, CellTracker IO does not require any sign-in or registration – simply open the app and start tracking! This makes it perfect for users who want to keep their data private and are not followed by third-party services like Google Analytics.

Secondly, CellTracker IO offers more features than – from tracking location history, phone usage, and call logs to automatically sending crash reports to developers. If you need more detailed tracking information than what is cker IO, we recommend checking out our full review of the app here:

How do I know if cell tracker io is right for me?

Cell Tracker IO is a alternative to Cell Here’s a detailed comparison of the two services:


Cell Tracker IO offers a much more comprehensive set of features than Cell, including the ability to track location history and app activity and receive push notifications for detected activities.


Cell Tracker IO is free to use, while Cell charges $5 monthly for its premium service.

Overall Rating:

Overall, we think Cell Tracker IO is the better choice for those looking for a mobile-tracker-free option. It offers more features and is cheaper than Cell


In this article, we compare the traffic statistics of and We found that both sites have been increasing their monthly traffic significantly in the past few months, which is excellent news! However, if you’re looking to use for tracking your app installs or mobile website visits, check out our pricing options first – they’re definitely more affordable than!

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