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Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Discusses Alcoholism and Rehab: “I’d Be Unprepared

Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard is Tom Felton’s biography, in which he discusses his experiences as a young child actor encountering celebrity and adulation. Felton is best known for playing young Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series.

In the book, Felton candidly discusses his battles with alcoholism and admits that his addiction to the substance frequently made him less effective in his professional life. He also says that his drinking was a barrier at work. Within the series, the actor is known for his performance as Draco Malfoy.

“Even in the best of circumstances, drinking may turn into a habit. Even more so when you’re drinking in order to get away from a scenario. The habit spread beyond the confines of the pub and even made its way onto the set on occasion.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton discusses alcoholism and rehab: "I'd be unprepared

My attitude toward drinking while I was on the job eventually shifted to the point that I did not give it a second thought. I would show up unprepared, not acting like the professional that I want to be.

However, the consumption of alcohol was not the issue. According to a passage from Felton’s writing that appeared in Entertainment Weekly, “It was the symptom.”

Tom claimed that those close to him, as well as his team, which included a lawyer, his agent, and his manager, all, urged him to step down from his position, but he refused and was unable to listen to their advice. “I had received a letter from each and every person in the room.

I listened while Jade, his ex-girlfriend, and the others expressed their worries to me about my behavior, including my drinking and my substance addiction. Jade was his girlfriend at the time. I was in no condition to listen to them at the time.”

But in the end, it was the person he barely knew, his lawyer, who said something that struck a chord with him and made a significant enough impression for him to attempt to straighten himself out and get admitted into a rehabilitation center.

“My attorney, whom I had hardly ever met face to face, spoke with calm sincerity,” the author writes. Tom, he greeted me, “I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a good person.” “I don’t know you very well,” he continued.

All I really need to share with you is the fact that this is the seventeenth intervention I’ve attended in the course of my professional career. Eleven of them have passed away since then. The actor added in his letter, “Don’t be the twelfth.”

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However, the actor stated that he attempted to flee the facility within a day after checking into treatment, and it took him some time to comprehend what had in fact taken place: “I was, I recognize now, entirely sober for the first time in ages, and I had an overpowering sensation of clarity and wrath.

” I began yelling at God, at the sky, at everyone and no one, filled with rage for what had happened to me and for the circumstance in which I found myself. I screamed at God, at the sky, at everyone and no one. I roared at the heavens and the sea with everything I had in me. I screamed till I could no longer scream because I had expended all of my energy.

Tom wrote in his letter that there is “no shame” in taking care of oneself to the best of one’s abilities, that mental illness is just as normal and commonplace as a physical illness, and that it should be talked about openly. He also encouraged those who were suffering from mental health issues to seek help.

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