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Big Mouth Season 7: is There a Release Date for Big Mouth Season 7 Yet?

The popular animated show Big Mouth will be back for the seventh season, Netflix said today. The news comes at the same time as a confirmation from the streaming service that Season 6 of the popular animated show will start later this year.

Big Mouth was made by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. It is about a group of teenagers who are tormented by monsters who are in charge of all human emotions in the universe of the show. In the first couple of seasons, the show mostly focused on hormonal monsters, which were responsible for puberty. Since then, the show has grown to include monsters that control depression, shame, and logical thinking.

Season 5 came out on Netflix last November. It was about love and hate, and it featured creatures called “lovebugs” and “hate worms” that can quickly switch between their two states and control both human love and hate. Because of how popular the shows are, the Human Resources animated spinoff just came out.

The creatures, not the people, are the focus of the spinoff. It follows the misadventures of the companies that hire all kinds of emotional beasts. Human Resources has also been picked up for a second season, but Netflix hasn’t said when it will come back.

Big Mouth Season 7

Even though we still don’t know what will happen in Big Mouth’s sixth season, the early renewal for season seven gives the show’s creators more time to work on different plots. Because they know the show will keep going after the next season, writers can leave mysteries and cliffhangers in place, knowing they’ll have time to explain everything to fans if the show ends in Season 7. But Big Mouth and Human Resources have been very successful so far, so it’s safe to say that both shows can keep going for a while.

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Seasons 6 and 7 of Big Mouth will keep following the fictionalized version of Kroll as he deals with the challenges of social interaction while his body is always changing. Kroll will also come back to voice himself and a few other minor characters.

Other regular voice cast members who have been confirmed for the upcoming seasons are John Mulaney as Nick’s best friend Andrew Glouberman, Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress, Jason Mantzoukas as the magic- and sex-obsessed teenager Jay, Jordan Peele as the Ghost of Duke Ellington, Fred Armisen as Nick’s father Elliot Birch, Ayo Edebiri as the nerdy Missy.

Is Big Mouth Season 7 coming to Netflix

No, Big Mouth Season 7 won’t be on Netflix in May. Netflix hasn’t said when the sixth and seventh seasons will come out.

Big Mouth Season 7 Instagram

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Is There a Release Date for Big Mouth Season 7 Yet?

No, there isn’t a date set for Season 7 of Big Mouth yet. Netflix said that there will be the seventh season at the same time that it said Season 6 of the popular animated show will start later this year.

Big Mouth Season 7

Human Resource is a spin-off that came out because the show was so popular, and it will also be back for a second season.

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In the spin-off, the main character is Emmy, a female Lovebug who is sent to help Becca after her boss Sonya is fired. Fairfax is a Lovebug, but she has trouble showing affection. Throughout the series, she tries to find herself so she can be a better Lovebug.

Big Mouth Season 7 Plot

In Season 5, the theme of love and hate was explored, and lovebugs/hate worms were introduced. These are creatures that can quickly switch between loving and hating people and control both feelings. We don’t know much about what will happen in Big Mouth Season 7, but we do know that it will pick up where Season 6 left off.

Big Mouth Season 7

We’ll see more of the hard parts of being a teen, as well as how our teen characters try to deal with them. It will keep following a made-up version of Kroll as he deals with the difficulties of socializing while his body changes.

Big Mouth Season 7 Cast

For Season 7 of Big Mouth, all of the main and regular voice actors are expected to come back.

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Nick Kroll as Nicholas Arsenio “Nick” Birch, Maurice the Hormone Monster, also called “Maury,” Rick the Hormone Monster, Mila and Lotte Janssen, Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy, and Coach Steve.

  • Andrew Glouberman is played by John Mulaney.
  • Jessi Klein as Jessica Cobain “Jessi” Glaser.
  • Jason Mantzoukas plays “Jay” Bilzerian, a teenager who is obsessed with magic and sex.
  • Elliot Birch is played by Fred Armisen.
  • Ayo Edebiri plays Missy, who is a nerd.
  • Maya Rudolph plays Connie the Hormone Monstress
  • Nick’s loving mother Diane Birch, and the ghosts of Elizabeth Taylor and Whitney Houston.
  • Jordan Peele is Duke Ellington’s ghost.

Episodes Guide

Each season of Big Mouth has ten episodes. We expect Season 7 of Big Mouth to be the same, with 10 episodes that are each 25–30 minutes long.

Where to Watch

Big Mouth seasons 1 through 5 are all on Netflix.

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