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Kevin Smith Backs Man of Steel’s Most Controversial Scene

Kevin Smith, a well-known writer, and director have recently defended the most controversial scene in Man of Steel. Man of Steel (2013), which was directed by Zack Snyder, was the first movie in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Even though the movie got mixed reviews when it came out, critics and fans both liked how Henry Cavill played the title superhero. After that, the actor played the same character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League (2017).

Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s more realistic take on Superman split a lot of people’s opinions. The movie looks at Clark Kent’s mind and what makes him the superhero he needs to be to beat General Zod in a non-linear way (Michael Shannon).

Clark realized that he had to kill Zod to save everyone since the Kryptonian warrior and Superman were fighting over the future of Earth. The action caused Superman a lot of pain, but it was also one of the most controversial parts of his movie history.

Kevin Smith Backs Man of Steel's Most Controversial Scene

Smith defended the most controversial scene in Man of Steel when he talked to GQ about how Superman and Batman have been portrayed on film and TV in the past. The director said that a lot of people who don’t like Superman right now say that he doesn’t kill.

Smith, on the other hand, remembered that Man of Steel wasn’t the only movie in which the character killed someone else on the screen. Zod was killed by Superman in the popular movie Superman II, which starred Christopher Reeve. Here is what Smith said:

If There Was a Man of Steel 2 Movie, Would Superman Still Be This Dark?

Smith’s confusion at Superman’s decision to kill in Man of Steel is understandable since fans didn’t seem to mind when Zod was killed in Superman II. When you look at the context of both scenes, the one in Superman II seems worse than the one in Man of Steel.

In Snyder’s movie, Zod was threatening a family that was in the way of his heat vision. If Superman didn’t kill him then, his family would have died in a horrible way. Superman had to kill Zod to save the family and, in the end, all people. In Superman II, Clark took away Zod’s powers, which turned him into a normal person.

Then, Superman picks up the Kryptonian general and throws him down what looks like an endless pit, killing him. Since Zod was no longer a threat to Superman at that point, his death seems especially cruel.

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Warner Bros. said earlier this week that they wanted to make a second movie in the Man of Steel series. But because of the backlash to Zod’s death and the overall dark and gloomy tone of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, some people have wondered if the upcoming possible sequel will keep the darker tone of its predecessor or follow in the footsteps of DCEU movies like Shazam!

Aquaman took an even-handed page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s lighter tone. Some DCEU fans are still arguing about Zod’s death, so maybe the Man of Steel sequel will tackle the issue head-on to show how the hero changed after something so drastic happened.

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