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Criss Angel Magic With the Stars Season 1: When It Will Be Premiere?

Ginuwine had trouble when Criss Angel did a magic trick during rehearsals for “Magic with the Stars.” Ginuwine went underwater and held his breath in a glass cube when Criss Angel hit the sides of the cube to signal trouble. A small group gathered to help the R&B star get out of the car before he passed out.

Reports say that an ambulance was called, and Ginuwine was taken away while he was still out. Reports say he was trying to overcome his fear of staying underwater, where he couldn’t hold his breath for more than 15 seconds. He messed up during practice, but he still did the stunt, which made people cry. Later, a member of Ginuwine’s team said he was improving.

He also said that the star was okay because he was working with Criss Angel, who was the best. On October 22, we’ll be able to watch “Magic With the Stars.”

Hit-Boy and Nas are getting ready to put out their album, “Magic’s limited-edition pink vinyl,” which is about a different kind of magic. All of the money it makes will be given to good causes. It will try to raise funds for the Red Door Community in New York City.

The group’s goal is to help people who are fighting cancer or have lost someone. As part of Ten Bands, One Cause, the vinyl will come out on October 28.

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