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Lists the Top 31 “Treehouse of Horror” Parodies From “The Simpsons.”

If The Simpsons do not air another episode of “Treehouse of Horror” during the Halloween season, can we even call it the spooky season? You can always count on the twisted geniuses who are responsible for one of the television shows that has been running the longest to give us a fresh new, standalone anthology of horrific tales each and every year.

Lists the top 31 "Treehouse of Horror" parodies from "The Simpsons."

Even if you haven’t watched the program in five, ten, or even twenty seasons, you can always watch the Halloween special to have a good chuckle, a good scare, or both simultaneously.

There will be three acts at the 33rd annual “Treehouse of Horror,” which will take place this year. These acts will be based on The Babadook (“The Pookadook”), Death Note (“Lisanime”), and Westworld (“Simpsonsworld”).

 We are also receiving a full-length bonus episode based on Stephen King’s It. The episode is titled “Not It,” and it is a beautiful gift rather than a trick. The pilot episode was broadcast on October 23, and the next one is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, October 30.’

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Over the course of its existence, “Treehouse of Horror” has consistently cited King as a significant source of creativity. The Twilight Zone, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alfred Hitchcock are just a few examples of other works that have had a significant impact.

The show has also delved into the realms of science fiction, action, fantasy, and drama, but the episodes that focus on horror will continue to be our favorites.

This year, we decided to go back and rewatch every episode that even remotely had anything to do with horror (you’re welcome), and as a result, we’ve come up with our own rating of the 31 finest stories—a number that seems fitting for Halloween, don’t you think?

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