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Jennifer Coolidge of “the Watcher” Fame Has Revealed That Male Fans Regularly Send Her Photos of Objects “Besides Their Face.”

Jennifer Coolidge, an actress, recently disclosed that a large number of male fans send her direct messages and photographs over social media.

The star of “White Lotus” was a guest on Monday’s episode of “Andy Cohen Live.” The actress became frank in response to the question about the types of images posted by broadcaster Andy Cohen.

She made light of the situation by saying, “Yeah, I think I do get some DMs and stuff and, you know, a lot of photographs of body parts and stuff.” “All kinds of stuff, aside from their face, you know. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? I don’t get much of their face, a lot of the other things,” she said.

Cohen also inquired about Coolidge regarding the qualities that she seeks in a prospective romantic partner.
She shared her thoughts by stating, “I appreciate a person who doesn’t ever glance at, stare at his reflection.” I’ve had a lot of actor boyfriends.

Jennifer Coolidge of "The Watcher" fame has revealed that male fans regularly send her photos of objects "besides their face."

I need a guy who’s obsessed with animals and a guy that has a profession. It would be amazing if I could find someone like that. “A guy that has no concept they’re gorgeous. There are some, there are a couple in the world. I’ve had a lot of actor boyfriends.”

Recently, when attending the red carpet premiere of “The White Lotus,” the star of “The Watcher” discussed her status as a sex icon for the first time. The actress, who is 61 years old, also revealed which of her memorable roles she is known for the most frequently.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Coolidge said, “Men, boys – ‘American Pie.’ Girls – ‘Legally Blonde.’ But I have a whole new crowd. I’ve finally got some fans of ‘White Lotus,’ whoo hoo! ” she went on to say.
Wow was her response when she was asked by Fox News Digital how it feels to be a part of two hit series at the same time.

“I couldn’t have foreseen it in a million years… what are the odds of that… the way my life has gone,” Coolidge added. “But I do have to say this – I enjoy surprises when they’re good.”

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