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Selling Tampa Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Season 2 of Selling Tampa?

Selling Tampa is a spin-off of the popular show Selling Sunset. It’s about a group of talented real estate agents on Florida’s Suncoast who can sell both great homes and a lot of drama.

It is based on Allure Realty, a great and ambitious real estate company owned by women. SHarelle Rosado owns the company, and Tennille Moore, Colony Reeves, Alexis Williams, Anne Sophie, Rena Frazier, Juwana Colbert Williams, and Karla Giorgio are also members.

The show’s first season, which started on December 15, 2021, brought in a huge number of viewers and helped the company make a lot of money. Fans of the show are looking forward to a second season because the first one was so popular. So, when will the show be? What will happen? Who is there?

Will There Be Season 2 of Selling Tampa?

There is no information yet about whether or not the show will be renewed. But the way things ended between the women at Colony’s birthday party makes us think that Selling Tampa Season 2 isn’t too far away and might be back with a lot of drama and surprises.

selling tampa season 2 release date

Release Date

According to netflixlife, There is no information yet about whether or not the show will be renewed. But the way things ended between the women at Colony’s birthday party makes us think that Selling Tampa Season 2 isn’t too far away and might be back with a lot of drama and surprises.

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Selling Tampa’ Season 2 Be About

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the story goes on because there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Just like realtor Juawana Colbert-Williams, we’ll be interested to see how things go between the Tampa and Miami offices. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she asked how her boss, Rosado, will handle moving to a new place and becoming a mother.

selling tampa season 2 release date

“I would love to see what happens with the baby and how Rosado handles Miami vs. Tampa, as well as how the women fight over who will be second in command.”

As for other realtors like Colony Reeves, she wants to show viewers her life outside of the real estate and dispel the idea that she’s trying to woo her clients romantically. Alexis Williams, on the other hand, can’t wait to get back on her boss’s good side and get a job at the company again.


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Rosado says, “I’m a badass mother*****, so I know how to handle both offices.” We’d like to see how she does when she has to do both at once.

In the meantime, Selling The OC has brought a lot of good things to the Selling world. There has been a lot of tension in the office between the $100 million-plus listings, thanks to the kiss/not kiss between Tyler Stanaland and Kayla Cardona, the cool girl club of Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis, and a few other things. And, of course, we can’t wait to see the beautiful beach homes that are waiting for us.

Selling Tampa Season 2 Plot

Since Alexis left the brokerage in Season 1, we can expect some problems and fallout in Season 2. Sharelle told her that she could come back after taking care of her own problems, but it’s clear that Alexis was hurt by the sudden push.

The agents are worried about how much commission they are getting, and some are even thinking about starting a competing firm. Anne-Sophie wants to start her own business and get a real estate license, but Sharalle’s recent threat to Rena Frazier, who already has her real estate license, is making her think about her options. Sharelle is going to have a baby, but her fiance is in Miami. Selling Tampa Season 2 could also be about how Sharelle and Johnson feel about each other.

selling tampa season 2 release date

In the next season, we’ll find out the answers to a lot of questions. Will Anne-Sophie quit Allure and go into business for herself? What will happen now that Alexis is leaving the company? We’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll let you know everything there is to know about Selling Tampa Season 2.

Selling Tampa Season 2 Cast

The official cast list for season 2 has not been released yet, but we expect the main characters from season 1 to return.

  • Sharelle Rosado
  • Colony Reeves
  • Anne-Sophie Petit
  • Juawana Williams
  • Karla Giorgio
  • Tennille Moore

When asked why she let Alexis go, Sharelle told, “I feel like she needed that tough love to show I’m not playing.” She added, “It’s like if you keep saying you’re going to do something but never do it.” So I had to set an example in the brokerage to show that we’re making progress. If you can’t get with it and keep making excuses, I’ll have to let you go.

Episodes Guide

Season 1 of the show has eight episodes, and we expect Season 2 to be the same if it gets renewed.

Where Can I Watch

Selling Tampa is available to watch on Netflix.

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