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Food Stamps 2022: Items You Can Buy With Food Stamps for Thanksgiving in 2022!

The annual American holiday known as Thanksgiving will be observed this year on the 24th, as is customary. The big day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be serving for Thanksgiving dinner.

Depending on your monthly SNAP benefit level, it may seem impossible to buy a full Thanksgiving feast with your benefits. While it’s true that you might not be able to acquire everything you want for Thanksgiving Day using food stamps, you can still put together a decent holiday meal, especially if you’re prepared to go with cheaper alternatives like canned and boxed goods.

What Your Food Stamps Can Buy for Thanksgiving

According to a 2021 FinanceBuzz study, many Americans’ ideal Thanksgiving spread includes turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, and pumpkin pie.

Green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, ham, green beans, glazed carrots, corn, collard greens, scalloped potatoes, and corn pudding were also mentioned as potential sides in the study. Pecan, sweet potato and apple pies are all well-liked sweets.

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Here is a summary of which of these Thanksgiving foodstuffs can be purchased with food stamps.

Staple Foods

in the following categories can be purchased with food stamps:

  • Fruits and vegetables can be fresh, frozen, or canned.
  • Meat, fish, and fowl can be bought fresh, frozen, or in a can.
  • Fresh or long-lasting dairy products
  • Grains and bread
  • Pick-me-ups
  • drinks that don’t have alcohol

Here are some traditional Thanksgiving foods

  • Package or box of stuffing mix for turkey
  • Cranberry sauce that comes in a can of fresh cranberries
  • Sweet potatoes in a can or sweet potatoes that are fresh
  • Green beans that are canned, frozen, or fresh
  • Corn that is canned, frozen, or fresh
  • Carrots that are canned, frozen, or fresh
  • Collard greens that are canned, frozen, or fresh
  • Fresh, frozen, or instant potatoes
  • Scalloped potatoes come in a box.
  • Box of pasta with cheese or macaroni and cheese
  • Rolls
  • Butter Canned pumpkin
  • Apple pie filling out of a can
  • Milk Fruit Juice

Accessory Foods

If you want to give people snacks before or after the Thanksgiving meal, you can buy the following items with food stamps. But this is not a complete list:

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  • Chips, crisps, sticks, or straws
  • Snack mixes
  • Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn

Desserts like pumpkin, pecan, apple, or sweet potato pies can be bought already made from a bakery, or you can buy pudding, cake, cookie, brownie, and muffin mixes in a box to make your own. Accessories are also things like gravy, bouillon, and whipped cream.

Foods That Complement or Supplement Meals

Foods that supplement meals are also eligible for purchase with your SNAP benefits:

  • Food seasonings and spices
  • Baking soda and baking powder
  • Sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and corn syrup are all sweeteners.
  • Soda pop, iced tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, water
  • Fruit punch
  • Additives for alcoholic drinks

How To Use Fewer Food Stamps for Your Thanksgiving Meal

The turkey will probably be the most expensive food item on your Thanksgiving wish list. Based on data from the USDA, the average price of a frozen turkey hen is about $1.47 per pound. This is about 32 cents more per pound than it was last year.

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You could roast a chicken or buy sliced ham instead of buying a turkey with your food stamps. You could also choose canned or boxed items, which might be cheaper than fresh or frozen ones. For example, you could get a box of stuffing, a box of instant mashed potatoes, a can of cranberry sauce, a can of sweet potatoes, rolls, a can of pumpkin, and a pie crust.

What Your Food Stamps Can’t Buy for Thanksgiving

Food stamps won’t let you buy everything you want for Thanksgiving, of course. For example, you won’t be able to use your SNAP benefits to buy food that is still hot at the point of sale. So if you were going to use your food stamps to buy a hot turkey breast, ham, or rotisserie chicken, you’re out of luck.

You also won’t be able to use your food stamps to buy alcohol. So if you want to serve a nice Pinot Noir, a festive mixed drink, or your favorite beer with your Thanksgiving meal, you (or one of your guests) will have to pay for it.

Lastly, if you want to buy fancy napkins or other paper products, you’ll have to pay for them yourself, since food stamps can’t be used to buy them.

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