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Chefs Vs Wild Release Date: Who Are the Host and Judge in This Season?

Chefs vs. Wild is a brand-new reality show that you can watch on Hulu. The cooking show is a mix of a chef competition show and a show that takes place in the middle of nowhere. There will be a competition between two chefs to see who is the best.

Chefs Vs. Wild Release Date

According to readysteadycut, On September 26, 2022, the show will be available on Hulu.

Chefs vs Wild Instagram

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Chefs vs. Wild premise

Hulu says that it has never been this hard to get to the top of the culinary world. In each episode of Chefs vs. Wild, two of the best chefs in the world will be dropped into the wild, where they will have to survive and find enough wild ingredients to make a five-star meal worthy of a restaurant.

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At the end of each episode, the chefs will compete against each other in a “wilderness kitchen,” using ingredients they found in the wild and their creativity to make tasty dishes and, ultimately, impress the judges.

Our Opinion of the Premise

If you like good cooking shows, the premise alone is enough to make you want to watch this. But as someone who spends a lot of time on TikTok and Instagram Reels and sees people doing amazing things in the real world, I am even more interested in how the show will go.

Chefs vs Wild Release Date

Chefs vs. Wild Cast

the main cast:

  • Kiran Jethwa – Host/Judge
  • Valerie Segrest – Judge

The Production Team

the team behind it all:

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  • Shawn Witt, Executive Producer
  • Gretchen Palek, Executive Producer
  • Jordana Hochman, Executive Producer
  • Chad Mumm, Executive Producer
  • Mark W. Olsen, Executive Producer
  • David Chang, Executive Producer
  • Dave O’Connor, Executive Producer
  • Chris Ying, Executive Producer
  • Christopher C. Chen, Executive Producer
  • Stephen Rankin, Executive Producer/ShowRunner

Where to Watch Chefs vs. Wild Online

If you sign up for Hulu, you’ll be able to watch this movie or TV show. There will be eight episodes in all. New episodes will come out every week until the last one on October 17.

What to Expect From Chefs Vs. Wild

Every episode of the show will put two chefs out in the wild as part of the competition. They have to find ingredients by hunting and gathering, then cook a tasty meal for their host, Kiran Jethwa, and a nutritionist, Valerie Segrest. The show is made by the same people who made Crazy Delicious on Netflix, which also tries to bring something new to the screen.

Chefs vs Wild Release Date

Even though each chef will get the trophy on his or her own, they will be paired with a survivalist and an outdoor expert to make sure they stay safe. This is to make sure that the chefs don’t hurt themselves by accident by using poisonous ingredients.

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In the first episode, called “Smoked Out,” Chef Viet and Chef Sammy face off against each other.

The Synopsis of the Episode Reads:

Chef Viet has to deal with bad weather and man-made disasters as he searches for a hard-to-find ingredient. Chef Sammy’s constant search for ingredients causes tensions to rise, and this cook-off is all about elk loin and heart.

Everyone who is taking part is a trained chef, and many of them have skills and interests that will help them in this exciting cook-off. Katie Coss, Alan Bergo, Chef Nico, and a lot of other people will be on the show.

Chefs vs Wild Format

Hulu says that the show will try to do something different in the world of cooking. In every episode, two of the best chefs enter the competition and try to stay alive while mixing ingredients to make a meal that can be served in a restaurant. In the episodes, chefs would go into the kitchen to make unique dishes with the best ingredients and try to impress the judges.

Chefs vs Wild Release Date

A few years ago, cooking shows were all about having a famous chef cook the best dishes on TV and give us the recipe. But as time went on, the thing turned into a competition and became a part of the reality show where skilled cooks face off against each other.

At first, cooking shows were not very popular. But when competitions, a panel of the best judges, and a host were added, cooking shows became more popular with the public.

We know for sure that Chefs vs. Wild is not one of the best cooking shows that have been made in the last few decades. But we can be sure of one thing: if the first season does well, like other shows, it will be renewed for another season, which will also make the show more popular.

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