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Lookism Release Date: Every Information That You Want to Need to Know!

This upcoming anime series has never been shown before. But there was a Korean Webtoon with the same name that was made by Park Tae-Joon. It was called “Lookism.” It came out on Naver Webtoon in the year 2014. The Netflix release date for Lookism has finally been set for next month.

The main character of Lookism is a high school student who doesn’t fit the typical mold of a handsome teenage boy. But luckily, when he moved to his new school, he found that he could switch between two bodies, one that was fat and not very attractive and the other that was slimmer and in better shape.

Lookism Release Date

A new animated show called “Lookism” will explore the genres of drama Korean, teen TV shows, school anime, drama anime, and anime series. The show is based on a Korean Webtoon series that came out before. The show was made by Studio Mir, and Netflix is the original distributor of the series.

Series Lookism
Stars Han Shin
Hwang Chang-Yung
Jae-Heon Jeong
Official site Netflix
Country of origin South Korea
Language Korean
Production Company Studio Mir
Release date November 4, 2022

Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, and Ryu Seung-gone are the main people in the show. On November 4, 2022, Lookism will be available to stream on the website Netflix. The storyline of the new show will be similar to that of the Korean Webtoon with the same name that came out before.

Lookism Plot

The story of Lookism is about a high school boy named Park Hyeong-Seok, who can switch between two bodies and lives her high school life as a girl. In a society that values good looks in both boys and girls, a normal high school boy who has always been bullied and teased gets the ability to switch between his two bodies, which look nothing alike. This gives him the chance to live two different lives.

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After being moved to a new school, the boy wakes up in a body that is slimmer, taller, cooler, and just plain more attractive. So, he set out to do all the things he hadn’t been able to do over the years because of rude and harsh comments. The show will be a mix of high school and teen drama.

Where To Watch Lookism

The new show Lookism will be available to watch on Netflix. As of right now, the show’s creators haven’t said where else the episodes will be available to stream besides Netflix.

Lookism Release Date

It’s likely that once the show is officially on Netflix, it will also be on fmovies, pikashow, and other pirated sites where you can watch movies and TV shows online.

Lookism Instagram

Take a look at the Lookism Instagram account.

Lookism Cast

Some of the main characters in Lookism will be voiced by Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, Nam Doh-hyeong, Hwang Chang-Yung, and Sa Moon-young, who are all part of the cast.

The show’s creators haven’t said yet which actors will play which roles. The cast members have been announced, but their roles are still a secret. The names of the rest of the characters and actors haven’t come out yet. Also, we don’t yet know who will be in the English-dubbed versions.

The Talk On Social Media About Lookism

Fans are very excited about the Chinese anime show that will soon be available on Netflix. Given how popular and well-known the webtoon version of the series has become, it is clear that it has made the series stand out and become more interesting. It makes sense to hope for good things from the new show. The show is different and stands out because it has a different plot and story. It is hoped that the drama will be just right.

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The official Netflix Anime Twitter account has been tweeting about the new show. “Lookism is coming to Netflix on November 4!” read a recent Tweet from the official account @NetflixAnime. Park Hyung Suk gets through high school even though he has two very different bodies. #TUDUM #TUDUMjapan #Lookism,” and then the trailer for the show. The trailer was able to get people interested, and things look very good.

What To Expect From Lookism?

Lookism is the name of the upcoming teen drama anime series that will be available on Netflix. The show will be about a seventeen-year-old boy named Park Hyung-Suk who has always thought he was ugly and didn’t fit in with the rest of society. Because she was overweight and didn’t look good, he was always picked on and called names. Everything had to make Hyung-ng-life Suk’s worse, because of his weight and his lack of money.

Lookism Release Date

One of the bullies, Lee Tae Sung, finally gets Hyung-Suk to move from his high school to a Seoul prep school. The way education and teaching were done at his new school, Jae Won High was different and not what he was used to. When Hyung-Suk goes to his new school, he enters a completely different world where he changes into a taller, thinner and more handsome boy. The release date for lookism is set.

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The body of his old, ugly self was sleeping right next to him. Hyung-Suk finds out the shocking truth that both bodies were his when he enters and wakes up in one of them. When he does this, the other body goes to sleep. The show will be about a teenager’s life, so there will be a lot of drama and unexpected plot twists.

People might see actors Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, Nam Doh-hyeong, Hwang Chang-Yung, and Sa Moon-young on the new show Lookism.

Lookism Episode Guide 

The people who make Lookism haven’t given out all of the information about the episode guide yet. The series will be released officially on Netflix, which is an online streaming service. It’s likely that the show will release all of its episodes at once, instead of putting out a new one every week.

Lookism Release Date

The show’s creators haven’t said how long each episode will be or how many there will be in this upcoming season. On November 4, 2022, the show will come out. Also, the series is mostly made in Korean, but there will be dubbed versions in other languages as well.

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Parts Are There in Lookism?

There are 420 chapters in the book Lookism.

When Will the 421st Chapter of Lookism Come Out?

The next chapter of Lookism will come out on November 3, 2022.

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