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Tuzak Episode 3 Release Date: What is the Story Behind Episode 3?

The date when Tuzak Episode 3 comes out is coming up soon. The show is a drama series made for TV8. Last week, when the second episode came out, we saw that Demir is pretty happy that Guven is going to have a job. But for Guven, it’s all kind of new. He’s just happy to see a loving side of his father that he’s never seen before in his life.

Later, we can see that Ceren is trying to change the past. She thinks that her father is to blame for everything that has ever happened to her. The sentence breaks him when he finds out what his daughter thinks of him.

Tuzak Episode 3: Release Date

At the same time, she is telling Umut everything one by one. She also tells him what her childhood was like and what hurts her most about her father.

What is the Show About?

It turns out that this really means a lot to Ceren and more. She feels kind of free after finally letting all of these things out. We can see that Umut is finally looking for new ways to get Demir to tell the truth. He wants him to finally admit that he is Bartu’s troublemaker. After the shock, Mahir, Umay, and Umut try to figure out how they will get their revenge.

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We can see that Umut wants his brothers and sisters to know that she will always be there for them. All this time, Demir hasn’t been sure if he wants to be with Luna. Soon, Umut tells him something shocking about Luna that makes him even less sure.

Tuzak Episode 3: Release Date

This makes him think about things too much, which is clear. Umut, on the other hand, is finally ready to take charge and carry out the revenge plan she’s been working on in the meantime.

Tuzak Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of Tuzak will come out on November 2, 2022. The episode will air at 9:30 PM on TV8. Every Wednesday, a new episode comes out.

Tuzak Episode 3 Instagram

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How to Watch Tuzak Episode 3

Episode 3 of Tuzak can be seen on TV8. We’ve said when it will be shown live on TV and what date and time that will be. Aside from that, you can always go to the channel’s official website to watch the show and all of its past episodes.

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Tuzak Episode 3 Spoilers

In Tuzak Episode 3, we’ll see that one of the best money managers in the country right now is Demir Gumusay. Even so, the Financial Specialists Affiliation makes it hard for him to do his job. He has come to this place when he was at the top of his field. Since his reputation is at stake, he will have to think carefully about what to do next.

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There is a USB stick with the video of him getting really angry at work. Since the first episode of the show, he has been trying to be a calm guy and get the same reputation around the world. But if this USB gets out, it will destroy everything he is worth. We can see that Demir is asking Ceren for help to solve this problem.

Ceren has always had “daddy issues,” which were shown in the last episode. He will now be in charge of destroying the USB. This video is bad for not only Demir but also for his whole family, including Ceren, because it hurts their reputation. Ceren will be seen talking to Cinar Yilmaz, who is a great lawyer for these kinds of problems.

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