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Dear Edward Release Date: Is This Season Premiere on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ has been active for more than two years and is producing shows that are catching the attention of film fans all across the world. Dear Edward is an original production for Apple TV+ that was made in collaboration with True Jack Production.

The show will center on the true story of a 12-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a plane disaster that took the lives of everyone else on board except for him.

The series is a journey through the traumatic experiences, fear, anguish, joy, and ups and downs that Edward, a young boy of 12, goes through as he searches for the meaning of life once more. It is both inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Dear Edward Release Date

The premiere date of the series for Apple TV Plus has been set for the year 2023. Nevertheless, there has been no formal announcement made regarding the specific release dates.

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Due to the fact that production and filming are still taking place, the wait will not be too long. The most conservative estimate places the release window somewhere in the early years of 2023.

Dear Edward Release Date

At this time, we do not have access to any of the additional specifics, such as the episode numbers or the lengths of the individual episodes. Unfortunately, we won’t have any of the rumors concerning the next show validated until quite some time has passed.

Dear Edward Plot

After a terrible accident involving a commercial jet, a youngster of twelve years of age fights desperately to stay alive. He was the sole person to survive the terrible accident that took the lives of all of the other passengers, including his own family.

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After the plane accident, Edward Adler, who is just twelve years old, along with a diverse group of other people whose lives were altered by the event, attempts to readjust to life as normal.

Adjusting to life after terrible occurrences is not going to be as simple of a chore as it might sound like it will be. While Edward is working to bury the past, he is forced to deal with traumatic experiences, which only serve to further confuse his mind.

His story of overcoming adversity, showing tenacity, and elevating himself is both harrowing and inspiring at the same time. The ups and downs he goes through along the road are just an investigation of what it is that makes us human. Along the journey, he finds unexpected friendships and loves.

Dear Edward Cast

The cast includes Colin O’Brien

  •  Ava Ariel Binder
  •  Khloe Bruno
  •  Audrey Corsa
  •  Tom D’Agustin
  • Maxwell Jenkins
  • Idris Debrand
  • Taylor Schilling
  • Connie Britton
  • Hannah Jane McMurray
  • Charlie Reitzas
  • Unna Uzele
  • Amr El Bayoumi

Dear Edward Trailer

A trailer for the TV show hasn’t been released yet. Since the show is already being made and filmed, the people in charge of it may give us sneak peeks of what to expect sooner than we think.

Since the show is set to start in 2023, the trailer might come out late in 2022.

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I would suggest other shows like Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Alone, and Ultimate Survival that are based on Survival while we wait for the show to start.


Dear Edward is an original production for Apple TV+ that was made in collaboration with True Jack Production. Based on the true story of a 12-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a plane disaster.

The premiere date of the series has been set for 2023. The cast includes Colin O’Brien, Ava Ariel Binder, Khloe Bruno, Audrey Corsa, Maxwell Jenkins, Idris Debrand, Taylor Schilling, Connie Britton, and more.

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