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Biden Accepts Top U.S. Border Official Magnus’s Resignation

The White House announced on Saturday that President Joe Biden has accepted the resignation of US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Christopher Magnus.

The White House statement comes a day after US media reported Magnus had been asked to resign or had been fired, indicating tensions within Biden’s administration over a record number of migrant crossings at the US-Mexico border.

“I am resigning immediately, but I wish you and your administration all the best in the future. Thank you once more for this fantastic opportunity “According to Magnus’ letter.

According to a letter signed by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who oversees Customs and Border Protection, Deputy Commissioner Troy Miller will take over as Acting Commissioner immediately.

The number of migrant arrests at the US-Mexico border has reached all-time highs under Biden, a Democrat who took office in 2021, fueling Republican criticism that his policies are too lax. Officials from Biden’s administration have stated that they want to create a more orderly and humane immigration system, but they have struggled to deal with the operational and political challenges that have come with the high number of crossings.

Poverty, violence, and food insecurity, according to migration experts, are factors driving migrants to flee Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Magnus, 62, was confirmed as commissioner of the CBP, a 60,000-person agency in charge of border security, trade, and travel, in December. Magnus worked for police departments in Michigan, North Dakota, and California before becoming Tucson’s police chief in 2016.

When President Joe Biden nominated Magnus for the position in 2021, the White House portrayed him as a reformer dedicated to restoring community trust in law enforcement and holding officers accountable.

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