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Apple iCloud Glitch: Random Strangers Appear on Your Device? Here’s What’s Happening!

Users of Apple’s iCloud for Windows have expressed concern over the erroneous appearance of photographs and videos from strangers in their libraries.

Some customers allege they only viewed other people’s photographs and videos on iCloud rather than their own media.

Windows, Apple iCloud Bug

The Apple iCloud Windows program appears to have a peculiar glitch that, when users attempt to access their Photo Library, displays images and videos of random people.

Some customers are now noting that the Windows program appears to be damaging their footage in addition to the random images and videos from other individuals.

Due to these challenges, a number of iCloud for Windows users have begun posting complaints online. A damaged video is very frustrating. Users may have wished to save the clip because it was nostalgic.

The fact that other people’s images and photos of themselves are allegedly showing up in other users’ libraries, on the other hand, seems more disturbing and worrying.

Several iCloud Windows customers descended upon the MacRumors forums to voice their complaints. Users have reported in numerous forums unusual occurrences of other people’s media in the Photo Library.

Users of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro who attempted to view their photographs and videos via the iCloud Windows app were the most common complainants.

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Corrupted iCloud Videos

Users of Apple’s iCloud users express concern over the erroneous appearance of photographs and videos from strangers in their libraries.

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A customer of iCloud claims that the Windows program appears to be tampering with the movies he submitted using his iPhone 14 Pro Max. He doesn’t watch the video, all he sees is a black-and-white clip with what appear to be scan lines.

In rare cases, it is adding stills into videos from unknown sources, presumably from other iCloud accounts, and writes sleeping ghosts in the Mac Rumors forum.

Additionally, he alleges that he saw photographs of strangers’ families, which he claims to have never seen before. It is important to keep in mind, though, that it is not yet known for sure if the images and videos in question are in fact from other iCloud users.

But given that numerous people have verified numerous tales speculating about it, is definitely a possibility. What appears to be a significant iCloud for Windows flaw has not yet been publicly acknowledged by Apple.

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