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SSI Payments: Qualifiers To Receive 2 Payments in December; Make Sure Not To Miss This Deadline

There will be two payments made in December to recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Social Security Administration states that payments for SSI benefits are typically made on the first of the month unless that date falls on a weekend in which case they are made on the preceding Friday.

Your payments for December 2022 will be delivered to you on December 1 and December 30, respectively, this year.

SSI Payments Schedule

Due to a glitch in the 2022 payment schedule, SSI recipients receive two payments in April, September, and December but none in January, May, or October.

The SSA recommends waiting three extra postal days if you don’t receive your payment by the scheduled date before contacting Social Security.

Social Security claimants who receive regular Social Security checks but cannot afford their basic living expenditures are given SSI benefits. The Social Security Administration administers the program, which offers monthly benefits to individuals and children with disabilities or blindness who fall below certain income and resource thresholds.

For those 65 and older without disabilities who meet the income requirements, SSI payments are also made. Several US territories and states provide extra payments to the federal SSI benefit.

The precise sum you get depends on your salary, where you live, and other things. The annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), which affects Social Security benefits and is linked to inflation, affects the maximum SSI amount.

The greatest increase in more than 40 years, an 8.7% COLA announced by the SSA will result in a substantially higher monthly payout for SSI recipients in 2023.

The maximum federal SSI payments for 2023 are $914 for an eligible person, $1,371 for an eligible person with a spouse, and $458 for a person who is essential to society.

An SSI essential person is someone who resides with an SSI beneficiary and provides essential care, according to This might be a child helping a live-in caregiver or a parent. Before applying for SSI benefits, make sure you meet the tight criteria for the definition of an indispensable person.

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Can I Receive Both SSI and Social Security Payment?

Supplemental Security Income-December 2022-COLA
There will be two payments made in December to recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The Social Security Administration follows a defined schedule when distributing monthly benefits. SSI participants normally receive their payments on the first of each month.

Your payment could not be received on the first of the month for one of two reasons: if the regular payment date falls on a holiday or a weekend.

In January 2023, the first day of the month is a holiday and a weekend. When this occurs, the government mails the checks ahead of time on the following working day, in this example a Friday. As a result, instead of getting your check in January 2023, you will get it in December.

If you receive Social Security benefits in addition to your SSI, you will only receive your SSI increase in December. On January 3, which is a Tuesday, your Social Security income will increase.

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