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Russia on fire: Putin’s worst nightmare as a devastating fireball erupts at a crucial oil facility

Siberia’s Angarsk is located thousands of miles away from Moscow. In the isolated Russian city of Angarsk, which is close to the Mongolian border, an oil refinery has caught fire. Igor Sushko, an American living near the Ukrainian border, tweeted video of the incident along with the caption, “Oil refinery on fire in #Angarsk, around 300km north of Mongolia border.

The facility, which processes West Siberian crude oil delivered via the Transneft pipeline system, is shown in the video clip engulfed in ferocious flames. A number of other people also shared the video, including the Top Disaster twitter page, which added the following: The petrochemical company’s property in #Angarsk was the scene of the fire, which started early in the day. No one was hurt because the fire was contained to a 250 square meter area.

There is no information on when the fire started, although journalist Adam Porter Nasseur suggested it did so yesterday via Twitter. The Irkutsk region’s governor, Igor Kobzev, said that the Ministry of Emergency Situations had put out the fire. The origin of the fire is the subject of an investigation.

According to, the refinery was founded in 1955 and is situated in the Irkutsk Oblast in southern Siberia. There were 2,428,750 people living in IIrkutsk, which is home to Lake Baikal, according to the 2010 census. It is owned by Rosneft Oil and is an integrated refinery with associated petrochemical and refining operations.

Putin is viewed as using energy as a weapon since he has access to gas and oil, which are crucial to his conflict with Ukraine. The largest oil pipeline corporation in the world, Transneft is a state-controlled pipeline transport enterprise with its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The corporation carries nearly 80% of the oil and 30 different oil-related products produced in Russia along more than 70,000 kilometers of trunk pipes. There is no evidence that the fire has caused it to be offline right now.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne (Image: Getty)
Since the war began, Russia’s oil exports to Europe have all but ceased, and on Friday, Germany and France vowed to support one another in an effort to fill the gap. Germany will provide France with electricity as part of a joint agreement signed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. In exchange, Germany will receive much-needed natural gas.

Friends support each other in need, Mr. Scholz stated following the signing ceremony in Berlin. The bond between the two European heavyweights, according to Ms. Borne, was essential. It has already demonstrated its ability to resist testing and overcome numerous obstacles, she claimed. Germany was largely dependent on Russian gas supply prior to Russia’s start of its war in Ukraine nine months ago. Since then, Germany has frantically searched for alternative sources, increasing its imports of liquefied natural gas among them.

In the meantime, due to repairs at many of the nation’s nuclear power facilities, France is having trouble meeting its electrical needs. There are worries that this winter’s sharp increase in electricity consumption from France, along with decreased output in Germany and constrained transmission capacity throughout Europe, could put a strain on the grid. In return, France announced that it will give Germany up to 100 gigawatt hours of gas every day. Germany will maximize the connectivity capacity while exporting electricity.

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