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After “Loud Boom,” Huge UFO Appears Over Central Florida

Many American reports of UFO sightings date back to the mid-1940s. Since then, a great number of Americans have claimed to have seen these unusual alien craft.

For many years, mentioning such a sighting guarantees that you would be branded as crazy. In fact, numerous witnesses’ lives were damaged due to their candor in discussing their encounters with ET vessels.

That’s not the situation anymore. We can simultaneously share pictures and videos of strange events with billions of people all around the world.

We see an increase in footage of purported UFOs due to social media and the widespread use of mobile cameras. A woman recently took pictures and videos of a large spaceship hovering in plain sight in Orlando, Florida. Nobody else seems to notice, though. They show no indication that they had noticed.

Chivonne SayWhat, an Instagram user, streamed a video of the UFO on Instagram Live. She additionally shared images of the craft on her page. The following day, Master Xebula, a TikTok user, shared that video with their followers.

You can see in the video that Chivonne is a little scared of the sighting. Watch it down below.
The flying saucer-like shape of the UFO in the video is recognizable. It appears to be a large craft with a disc form that is encircled by white lights. The ship appears to be stationary, despite the poor camerawork and video quality.

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History of UFO Sightings in Florida

This Florida UFO sighting is not at all unique. According to an Orlando Sentinel piece from earlier this year, Florida has the second-highest number of sightings in the nation. There have been reports of both fast-moving objects “not resembling planes or helicopters” and occurrences of unexplained bright lights.

7,513 UFO sightings have been reported by Floridians in total. California is the only other state in the Union with more confirmed sightings, with more than 15,000 incidents.

Additionally, two of the most famous UFO videos feature sightings in Florida. The alleged “Gimbal” and “GoFast” videos were based on Virginia Beach and Jacksonville observations. According to The Black Vault, some scholars think that those two videos represent different aspects of the same experience. They happened close to one another on January 21, 2015. Researchers also discovered a number of similarities in the videos.


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