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Vladimir Putin appears to run out of drones after several failed attack in Ukraine

The Iranian-supplied kamikaze drones that significantly damaged the cities of Ukraine appear to have run out to Russian President Vladimir Putin troops.

A third of Moscow’s airbases were set on fire yesterday, a setback to the city’s blitz effort.

Ukraine Drones Hit Russian Troops

The strikes on two facilities on Monday, likely carried out by Ukrainian drones, damaged aircraft and showed Kyiv’s capability to reach distant Russian targets.

Western authorities stated last night that they thought the Kremlin had exhausted its supply of Tehran’s kamikaze drones.

Earlier this year, the Iranian government sold the Kremlin several hundred unmanned aerial vehicles. The Shahid-136, which terrorized Kyiv in October and November, was the most potent weapon.

The low-flying drones killed individuals when they attacked residential buildings. The Russians launched them in groups of ten, assuring that at least one or two of them managed to avoid air defenses. Most were destroyed by gunfire.

Some people could accomplish their goals thanks to this tactic, but Russia used them more quickly. Shahid-136s had been missing over Ukraine for a fortnight, which led to speculation that the cold was decreasing their effectiveness. However, it is now believed that Moscow no longer had any.

Unlike most drones which return to base after dropping their payload, the simplistic Shahid-136s are destroyed on impact.

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Iran To Send Another Drone Supplies to Russia

Vladimir Putin-Drones-Failed Attack-Ukraine-War-Russia
The Iranian-supplied kamikaze drones that significantly damaged the cities of Ukraine appear to have run out in Russia.

Iran was expected to replenish Moscow’s arsenal of Shahid-136 missiles in addition to providing ballistic missiles.

But it might have broken its word on these commitments out of concern for additional Western economic sanctions. In exchange for abandoning its nuclear weapons program, it demands the lifting of sanctions.

The Russian airbase that caught fire yesterday was close to Kursk in northern Ukraine. Following the impact with an oil storage tank, clouds of black smoke were visible. There were no casualties reported.

However, the bases attacked on Monday were much farther inside Russia. As a result, the attacks are likely to raise concerns among citizens who are increasingly hostile to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war. They might also push the Kremlin to transfer its long-range Tupolev bombers to locations that are better secured.

The Engels-2 airbase in the Saratov region is 372 miles from the closest Ukrainian boundaries, while the Dyagilevo airstrip in the Ryazan region is located 285 miles inside of Russia.

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