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EBT scams: Public warned amid rise of recent cases fraud

Residents of Shasta County are being warned by the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency (SCHHSA) to keep an eye out for possible EBT scams.

According to the Statewide Community Health Services Authority (SCHHSA), scams are on the rise across California. The state’s Department of Social Services (CDSS) is taking many steps to combat this.

Public Cautioned Against EBT Scams

Communication Education Specialist Kimberly Ross said the county and the state are never going to call them for their information. Also, they will never ask you for your PIN or other sensitive account information via email or text message.

However, another public service announcement film explains how criminals use text and phone frauds, card skimming technologies, and bogus websites to steal money from people’s EBT cards, which they use to pay for government aid.

Meanwhile, the video also instructs viewers on what to do if they become a victim of EBT or benefit theft, how to keep their personal and EBT information secure, and how to use their cards responsibly when making everyday purchases.

If you have reason to believe that your EBT benefits have been misused, please contact the Shasta County Eligibility Call Center at (877) 652-0731 or the federal government at (877) 328-9677.

  • Options for both immediate and future card security enhancement.
  • Finding skimmers and criminals by analyzing EBT transaction data to reveal established theft trends.
  • Working together with the police departments at all levels.
  • Teaching those who receive government assistance how to protect themselves from having their Electronic Benefits Transfers stolen is essential.

Furthermore, KRCR spoke with the Shasta County HHSA on Tuesday and they say most frauds they’ve seen come in the form of fake text messages sent to EBT recipients.

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Men Discovered Using Fake EBT Cards

Moreover, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office reports that two males who have no ties to Contra Costa County or the Bay Area were detained in Hercules earlier this month after they reportedly used fraudulently duplicated EBT cards to withdraw money from a bank ATM.

Meanwhile, the District Attorney’s office described the case involving Florin Tanasa, 27, and Adam Nilsson, 30, as a complex financial criminal conspiracy that deceived hundreds of Californians receiving public assistance. Additionally, both men have been charged with various crimes and face misdemeanor counts.

On December 1, Hercules police were called to the Bank of America location on Sycamore Avenue after a bank representative reported multiple EBT card cash withdrawals at the bank’s ATM.

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