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North Korea aims to deploy spy satellite into orbit in 2023

According to state media, North Korea plans to launch a spy satellite into orbit by April of 2023. The announcement came out on Monday, December 19, after what the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) called an essential, last-phase test launch of a rocket before the project proceeds.

The North Korean space agency has announced that the first military reconnaissance satellite will be completed by April next year.

North Korean Spy Satelite

An official from the National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) confirmed to the news source that the test verified critical technical parameters, including the technology for operating cameras in space, the data processing and transmission capabilities of communication devices, and the tracking and precision control of the ground control system.

In addition to the announcement, North Korea made available pictures of Seoul and Incheon in South Korea that it claims were taken during a test to evaluate the satellite’s capability for image processing. points out that the announcement follows South Korea’s National Security Council’s criticism of North Korea for launching two ballistic missiles on December 18 on Sunday.

Although South Korea’s military leadership asserted that North Korea’s ballistic missiles were fired at acute angles and fell from heights of 340 miles (550 kilometers) before touching down in the East Sea, it is unknown if those missile launches were connected to the alleged satellite launch vehicle.

Both occurrences seem to have included so-called lofted trajectories, which involve vertically shooting missiles. Along this track, these test vehicles may go great distances and still land close to where they took off.

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US Space Forces In South Korea

North Korea-KCNA-NADA-Technology-US Space Forces
Apparently, North Korea plans to launch a spy satellite into orbit by April of 2023, according to state media.

After the US Space Force, formally known as US Space Forces Korea, began its presence in South Korea, the North claimed to have launched a spy satellite.

Defense of homelands and upholding peace on the Korean peninsula and throughout Northeast Asia are the goals of the new command, according to Gen. Paul LaCamera, commander of US Forces Korea.

A record-breaking 23 missiles were fired from North Korea on November 2; most were fired into the ocean. It tested its most powerful ballistic missile unsuccessfully the following day.

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