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Social Security: You may get your benefits sooner once you retire or earn them as you work

Social Security benefits are presumably on the minds of many who are getting near retirement age. If you’re still working, you might be wondering if you can begin receiving payments. The quick answer is yes, but there are a few restrictions.

The full retirement age is 67 for those who were born after January 2, 1960. You can continue to receive all of your benefits if you work and are over the retirement age.

When Is The Earliest I Can Get My Social Security Benefits?

People under 67 can continue to work while receiving benefits, but their earnings will be severely reduced.

Although your benefit amount can be lessened, the Social Security Administration emphasizes that it is still there. The SSA)states in a manual that Your benefit will increase at your full retirement age to account for benefits withheld owing to earlier earnings.

Here is a Social Security cheat sheet for 2022 so you can learn more about benefits and see how your COLA increase will affect benefits the following year.

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SSA Procedure

Social Security-COLA-SSA-Stimulus Check-IRS-Finance
Social Security benefits are presumably on the minds of many who are getting near retirement age. 

The portion of your income subject to taxes will remain the same so long as you maintain a steady stream of employment. Even people receiving assistance at the same time as working are affected by this.

To evaluate if you should receive a raise in your monthly benefits, the SSA looks at your income. In that scenario, they’ll get in touch to let you know what your adjusted benefit level is.

You must get in touch with the SSA right away. You cannot record a change in your earnings online, according to the SSA.

Either call the SSA at (800) 772-1213 (8 am to 7 pm EST, Monday through Friday) or get in touch with your neighborhood Social Security office.

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