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Stimulus payment: Did President Joe Biden sign another bill? Here’s what to expect!

In a new video, President Joe Biden seemingly announced that there would be a new stimulus payment. Here’s the truth about it!

On December 1, a video was posted to Facebook with the title “US Senate Approves Monthly Health Credits.”  The video shows Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House, at a press conference.

New Stimulus Payment?

This weekend, according to Psaki, this stimulus payment will begin to show up in people’s bank accounts around the country. And payouts will keep pouring to eligible Americans throughout the coming weeks.

In just 13 days, more than 200,000 individuals watched the video. Similar versions that went viral have been uploaded on Facebook.

The assertion is false, though. Congress hasn’t recently enacted any legislation to lower inflation, and the video clip is a mix of content from three distinct sources.

However, President Joe Biden set a high bar for reducing homelessness by 25% over the following two years.

According to a statement released by the White House this week, the Biden administration announced its strategy for building on homelessness-reduction efforts launched during the pandemic.

In thirteen days, the film received more than 200,000 views. On Facebook, similar viral versions have been posted. But this assertion is wrong. Congress has not recently enacted a law to alleviate inflation, and the video is a compilation of three distinct sources.

The video footage of Psaki is from February, but the audio is from a press briefing in 2021 where she spoke about COVID-19 relief. The clip of Biden is from his inauguration day signing ceremony.

Since leaving her post as press secretary in May, Psaki has not addressed on behalf of the White House from the platform in the press briefing room. She is presently employed at MSNBC.

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Video Has Nothing To Do With Inflation Relief




President Joe Biden-Politics-Stimulus Check-IRS-Social Security
In a new video, President Joe Biden seemingly announced that there would be a new stimulus payment. Here’s the truth about it!

According to an evaluation of the White House’s YouTube account, the clip of Psaki is from a February news conference while she was press secretary. Psaki highlighted the start of Black History Month, Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill, and gun violence. She did not mention a bill to reduce inflation.

Contrary to social media assertions, no plans exist for a fourth stimulus check. The audio track of the video does not originate from the February briefing. It is from a news briefing held in March 2021, which can be viewed on C-SPAN.

Psaki mentioned COVID-19 relief efforts, including a statute that led to the distribution of stimulus cheques to millions of Americans during the epidemic, during the briefing. Biden signed the Inauguration Day Proclamation and nominees to the cabinet and sub-cabinet on the day he assumed office in 2021.

In none of its press briefings or public pronouncements, the White House has disclosed a monthly inflation alleviation program. There is also no credible press coverage of such congressional actions.

In August, Biden did sign the Inflation Reduction Act, but the package did not include stimulus payments. Similar rumors that a fourth stimulus payment will be distributed have been previously discredited.

The notion that Congress granted monthly inflation relief for Americans earning less than $50,000 is FALSE, according to our research. Recently, Congress has not enacted an inflation relief measure.

Moreover, the video in the allegation contains footage of Psaki, who is no longer the press secretary, and the audio of her is from a separate briefing. Also, the film of Biden is not from a recent occasion, but rather from the day he took the oath of office.

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