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Apple’s iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Features Create Inaccurate 911 Calls

Despite iOS 16.2’s improvements, the car crash detection feature on the Apple iPhone 14 continues to make false 911 calls.

It appears that the crash function on iPhones is still triggered by activities such as skiing and riding roller coasters. It turns out that there was no genuine accident, but rather a misunderstanding.

iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Fails


Despite iOS 16.2’s improvements, the car crash detection feature on the Apple iPhone 14 continues to make false 911 calls.

The iPhone 14’s car crash detection feature is being activated by skiers in Colorado, who are dialing 911 despite not being involved in any accidents.

None of these automated 911 calls to the Summit County 911 Center represented a true emergency. Instead, these are all false alarms generated by iPhones belonging to skiers in the region.

Nevertheless, the 911 center had to deploy rescuers to the region in response to these calls.

Trina Dummer, the temporary director of the 911 center in Summit County, states that dispatchers are focusing their efforts on false alerts caused by the Apple crash function.

Dummer divulged further that these calls need an enormous amount of resources, including dispatchers, deputies, and ski patrollers.

The temporary director said I don’t believe we’ve ever had a true emergency. It appears that the majority of these automated calls are false positives. Consequently, Dummer argued, they are unquestionably diverting important resources away from those in need and toward a phone feature.

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Apple Tries To Address False Alarms

The well-known technology company has been attempting to eliminate false alerts from its crash detection tool. In fact, the Cupertino-based company released iOS 16.2 in November, which includes Crash Detection optimizations, as the tech giant advertises.

The optimizations were not specified in the update’s release notes. So it remains to be seen if the iPhone manufacturer resolved the issue with fake 911 calls.

In addition, Apple Insider says that the most recent iOS 16.2 upgrades included enhancements to the crash detection feature in an effort to reduce false warnings during roller coaster rides and other strenuous activities.

However, the ongoing increase of false alerts in the Summit Country indicates that these upgrades did little to resolve the issue.

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