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New York state issues another round of funds for workers

New York State will provide another round of stimulus checks under the Excluded Workers Fund.

In the final batch of payments from the state’s historic Excluded Workers Fund, more than 1,900 individuals are slated to receive benefits (EWF).

What is  Excluded Workers Fund (EWF)? 

Before the end of the year, nearly $30,000,000 will be sent. More than 130,000 EWF applications have been granted, and the entire $2.1 billion fund, less administrative fees, will shortly be paid to eligible New Yorkers.

The EWF provided financial assistance to New Yorkers who lost income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and were excluded from several government aid programs, such as unemployment and pandemic benefits.

The initiative went live in August 2021, and within the first month, the DOL received more than 90,000 applications. To be eligible for EWF subsidies, applicants were required to provide proof of identity and domicile. 

The fund’s benefits were tiered, with successful applicants receiving one of two sums dependent on their documentation of job eligibility. Those who qualified for Tier 1 received $15,600, while those who qualified for Tier 2 received $3,200.

Over 99 percent of qualified candidates received the maximum award of $15,600. Approved candidates will receive a one-time pre-paid card payment.

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New York Aims To Help Low-Income Workers

New York-EWF-COVID-19-Stimulus Checks-Social Security-Finance-Money
New York State will provide another round of stimulus checks under the Excluded Workers Fund.

Robert Reardon, the commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor, stated that the Excluded Workers Fund has offered significant aid to low-wage workers who supplied essential services to keep New York operating during the pandemic. 

“As we issue this final batch of payments, I would like to commend the advocates, community organizations, and politicians that made this historic fund possible,” he said.

It represents New York State’s ideals and our willingness to look out for our neighbors during the most trying times.

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