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Data center and storage on moon can be the answer to space crisis

Lonestar Data Holdings previously declared its intention to construct a data center on the moon for the purposes of backing up the world’s data and supporting demands related to lunar edge processing in 2022. 

Phison, an SSD controller and storage equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan, has announced that their SSDs have been approved for usage in lunar data centers. Let’s examine these trends in greater depth.

Data Center In Space

Lonestar desires to store data on the moon in its lunar data centers in order to secure it from human or natural harm and data loss. 

In addition, when more operations are conducted on the moon that generates data or requires data processing, establishing a lunar data center facility will eliminate the latency and energy consumption costs associated with transmitting the data back to Earth.

Since the Moon is tidally locked with the Earth and one face always faces the Earth, direct line of sight communication with a data center on the moon will be conceivable.

NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program has contracted companies to demonstrate their technological prototypes onboard two lunar landers. 

In the second part of 2023, NASA will deploy a Nova-C lander to the South Pole of the Moon atop an Artemis spacecraft carrying a Lonestar hardware prototype. This 16TB storage device is one kilogram in weight.

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Global Data Storage Issue

Lonestar Data Holdings previously declared its intention to construct a data center on the moon for the purposes of backing up the world’s data and supporting demands related to lunar edge processing in 2022.

Meanwhile, Dr. Matt Derry, the project’s leader, stated in a statement, Building new data centers without enhancing data storage technology is not a realistic answer. 

Increasingly, we face the prospect of a so-called data storage crunch, and enhanced data storage solutions are required to meet the demands of the modern world.

According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC), the consequence of this growing reliance on data will be a never-ending expansion of the size of the Global Datasphere.

Increasing the efficiency of existing technology will drastically minimize the need for the expensive, ecologically harmful development of new mega data centers.

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