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Space invasion: Can China ban US astronauts from visiting the moon?

NASA chief Bill Nelson has said China might stop the United States from sending astronauts to the moon. 

The Chinese government has not yet performed any manned lunar missions as of this writing.

Can China Ban US In Space?

China aims to launch three unmanned lunar flights over the next decade before sending taikonauts to the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

NASA is now concerned about China’s moon ambitions, even though it will be many years before Chinese astronauts set foot on the moon’s surface.

Bill Nelson and other NASA officials explained why China’s lunar ambitions cause them concern.

China might prevent U.S. astronauts from visiting the Moon by monopolizing resource-rich sites on the lunar surface, according to Nelson.

The NASA official added that he and other officials are concerned that the Chinese government may claim ownership over the Moon once they reach the natural satellite.
Nelson remarked It is true that we must be careful that they do not reach the moon under the pretext of scientific inquiry.

Bill even claimed that China could replicate the South China Sea land and water claims tactic.

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International Space Law

NASA chief Bill Nelson has said China might stop the United States from sending astronauts to the moon.

The established international space law states that no government may claim ownership of space or celestial bodies.

These include the Moon, the sun, other planets, and bodies of space outside the solar system. In addition, international space law enforces the following regulations:

  • In orbit and beyond, weapons of mass destruction are prohibited, and the Moon, planets, and other celestial bodies may only be used for peaceful purposes.
  • Nations are liable for harm caused by their spacecraft and must avoid contaminating space and celestial bodies.
  • Space activities are beneficial to all nations, and any nation is allowed to explore beyond orbit.

Since a few years ago, all nations have been allowed to explore space. At the time of publication, multiple space launches and other extraterrestrial operations were occurring.

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