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Marijuana sales in Connecticut to start today; Here’s everything you need to know!

Nine marijuana businesses in Connecticut have been busy preparing for recreational sales to begin on January 10.

“This moment has been a long time coming, and there is a lot of enthusiasm,” said Attorney Michelle Bodian, who oversees the marijuana compliance division for the law firm Vicente Sederberg in Connecticut.

Connecticut Retail Marijuana Sales

Connecticut has 18 medicinal marijuana shops, nine of which were ready to begin retail sales on January 10. During the initial few days and weeks of a state’s retail sales launch, interest and demand are often high, according to Bodian.

Several other medicinal dispensaries are anticipated to switch to hybrid licenses in the near future as they collaborate with municipalities to identify acceptable locations.

Bodian stated that medical pharmacies wishing to convert were required to file an application to the state and confirm with local municipalities that they may sell recreational goods. At the local level, some states, such as New Jersey and Massachusetts, are more complicated.

She stated, “Comparatively, Connecticut is less onerous than other states in terms of the local component.” In the future, Connecticut’s lottery and social equity program-approved dispensaries will also be operational.

In July 2021, Connecticut authorized recreational marijuana usage for adults. Since then, state officials and the local cannabis business have been occupied with preparations for the eventual commencement of retail sales.

The start of retail sales is at 10 a.m. Per transaction, consumers may acquire a total of 14 ounces of cannabis flower or its equivalent. The state Department of Consumer Protection recommended medicinal marijuana patients obtain their medication before Tuesday in order to avoid potential lengthy queues and heavy traffic.

DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull stated in a statement, “Although we anticipate there will be no disruptions or inconveniences for patients, it is always wise to be prepared.” Patients who can purchase medications in advance or have them delivered are encouraged to do so.

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Where To Buy?

Nine marijuana businesses in Connecticut have been busy preparing for recreational sales to begin on January 10.


The following marijuana shops have been granted hybrid licenses:

  • Affinity, New Haven
  • Branford, Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut,
  • Still River Wellness, Torrington Fine Fettle Dispensary,
  • Newington Fine Fettle Dispensary, Stamford Fine Fettle Dispensary
  • Willimantic Fine Fettle Dispensary
  • The Botanist of Danbury, Connecticut
  • Botanist, Montville, The
  • Meriden’s Willow Brook Wellness

Many hybrid dispensaries will have separate cash registers for medical patients.

Approximately 50,000 eligible individuals enroll in the medical program. Patients can receive up to 5 ounces of product every month. Patients are eligible for goods with a greater THC concentration and medicinal forms such as pills or tablets.

Rhode Island and New York State have just launched their own recreational marijuana marketplaces, while New Jersey began sales in 2022. Marijuana is still prohibited under federal law.

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