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Google Chrome will block...

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Mega Millions winning numbers: Here’s what you may pay if you win the jackpot!

The winning lottery numbers for Mega Millions $1.35 billion jackpot were announced Friday night.

The $1.537 billion jackpot from October 2018 is the greatest in Mega Millions history, and the current jackpot is the second-largest ever.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

The winning numbers for the drawing on Friday are 30-43-45-46-61; the Mega Ball was 14; and the Megaplier was 2.

According to KARE-11, the most recent drawing was the 25th consecutive time that no one took home the grand prize despite many participants winning $1 million or more. Since October 14, 2022, the jackpot has been growing.

The likelihood that you’ll select the winning number is not particularly high. You have a probability of almost 1 in 302.6 million, according to CNBC. There’s a good possibility that if someone wins the lottery, they’ll select the lump sum option. The lump amount for the current jackpot is $707.9 million.

Just don’t anticipate bringing home quite that much cash. There will be a significant reduction in the amount of money after Uncle Sam takes his piece. According to CNBC, a mandated 24% federal tax withholding would drop the sum, bringing the total prize to $538 million.

But the cut probably won’t end there. A lump sum payment of $707.9 million would put taxpayers’ annual income above the $578,125 and $693,750 thresholds, where the top marginal income tax rate of 37% is applicable. The net sum in this scenario would be $446 million, and that’s before state income taxes are deducted.

This won’t be an issue if the winner is fortunate enough to reside in a state without state income taxes. According to Intuit TurboTax, eight states Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming have no state income tax.

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The $1.537 billion jackpot from October 2018 is the greatest in Mega Millions history, and the current jackpot is the second-largest ever.

Biggest Lottery Jackpots In History

On November 7, 2022, a lucky Californian won the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot, the biggest payout in the game and national lottery history. Below are additional large jackpots.

  • Mega Millions(Oct. 2018): $1.537 billion
  • Mega Millions (Jan 2023): $1.35 billion *current jackpot
  • Mega Millions (July 2022): $1.337 billion
  • Mega Millions (Jan. 2021): $1.050 billion

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