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Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked details: Here are what you need to know!

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 takes happen on February 1, at which time we will get our first glimpse at the new Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra smartphones.

So, what do we know about the S23 lineup before its big release? As a result of a succession of prominent leaks, quite a bit.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price

In February, Samsung is expected to release its next flagship smartphone, the S23, in the typical three variants: S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

The redesigned Galaxy S23 lineup is anticipated to include the most powerful new Qualcomm chips. However, we do not anticipate any radical changes to the phones’ appearance. It’s also a good bet that the software and industry-leading camera on the phones will be updated.

Ahead of the official announcement, we’ve compiled all we know about Samsung’s most recent smartphones. Read on for more information.

We do not yet know how much the Galaxy S23 will cost, but Samsung has been gradually increasing the price of its flagship phones year after year due to spiraling component prices and inflationary pressure.

Consequently, we anticipate that the Galaxy S23 lineup will be more expensive than last year’s models. However, rumors indicate differently.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Launch

Samsung-Tech-Business-Lifestyle-US News
Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 takes happen on February 1, at which time we will get our first glimpse at the new Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra smartphones.

Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones would be unveiled during the company’s annual Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1.

If history is any indication, the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra phones will be available for pre-order either immediately or shortly after their announcement, with the actual release date being around mid-February.

If there is one area where we anticipate the S23 models to diverge, it is the designs. Similar to last year, we anticipate very few generational changes, though the two smaller models a term we use loosely will undoubtedly take inspiration from their larger sibling.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ is supposedly influenced by the 2022 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

The camera hump that has grown synonymous with the S-series over the past few years has been removed and replaced with a duplicate of the S22 Ultra’s protruding lenses. It’s unfortunate that Samsung has discontinued this design, as it was one of their best in recent years. Nonetheless, it makes logical to give all three phones a similar appearance.

These design modifications are supported by leaked case renders that emphasize an Ultra-style camera alignment. This may be one of the few instances in which a phone looks better with a protective cover, as the removal of the camera bump allows the lenses to protrude normally.

Meanwhile, it appears that the S23 will be available in the standard color palette, with one major difference. In addition to black, green, and light pink, Samsung is rumored to be developing a beige variant that will replace the traditional white. And according to early accessory leaks, we may have a general sense of what this beige hue will look like.

Recent renders have depicted the Galaxy S23 series with a cream color rather than a beige color, reducing the level of fleshiness for a polished off-white tint. Regardless of the hue, it is certain that anyone looking for a complete overhaul in 2023 would be disappointed.

Two of these colors are depicted in leaked marketing renders the pale pink Galaxy S23+ and the green S23 Ultra. It is a new hue for one of Samsung’s most popular color options, and it appears rougher than the previous jade tones. In addition to these three color options, there is also a conventional black model available.

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