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Internet scams: If a security alert appears on your computer, follow these steps!

Keeping your hard-earned money secure is crucial, especially given the prevalence of internet scams.

It is crucial to develop a keen awareness of these tendencies to prevent this from occurring. Ultimately, account security is a shared responsibility.

Fighting Internet Scams

It begins with a pop-up notice in the center of your screen informing you that access to this computer has been restricted for security reasons.

It uses a scammer’s two favorite weapons: the phone and the computer. You are strongly encouraged to contact Windows support at the following number.

A separate notification adds, “Your computer has informed us that it contains Trojan Spyware. Our engineers will assist you through the removal procedure over the phone if you contact us promptly.”

Your computer frequently freezes. You cannot erase the message or move the cursor. Exactly the opposite of what the notification instructs. Do not dial any of the numbers displayed on the screen.

Restarting the computer is the simplest technique to eliminate the message and regain control of the system. Typically, it causes this message to disappear. If it persists, you must contact a computer repair shop for assistance.

If you dial the number displayed, you will fall right into the scammer’s trap. They will direct you to a succession of websites claiming to repair your computer, but it will cost you money.

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Common Wi-Fi Mistakes

Tech-Computer-Scammer-US News
Keeping your hard-earned money secure is crucial, especially given the prevalence of internet scams.

Additionally, if a hacker gains access to your home network, they can access your personal data.

Setting your home Wi-Fi network to private would provide the highest level of security, correct? That is in fact incorrect. However, the imprecise terminology should not fool you.

When you are on your local network and have it configured as private on your computer, other devices on the same network cannot discover your computer. Therefore, the public Wi-Fi network is more secure than the private network in this instance. Yes, you read correctly!

If you wish to share files with a family member on the same network or send papers to your home printer, you must set your network to private.

Set your network to private if you need to share files, print, or otherwise make your devices discoverable to one another. Follow these instructions on your computer and you will be all set:

  • Click the Wi-Fi icon on the far right of the taskbar with the right mouse button.
  • Select Open Network & Internet Settings.
  • Find your Wi-Fi network and select Properties.
  • Select Network Profile.
  • Choose Private.

When you choose to increase security, revert back to the Public option. Simply follow the procedures above, and at the final step, choose Public rather than Private.

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