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Texas crash leads to deaths of 4 people, including a 7-year-old girl who was being trafficked by a human smuggler

Texas police say a man carrying illegal immigrants killed a 7-year-old, her grandmother, and two others while running from police.

Local media report that 22-year-old Rassian Natery Comer crashed a truck into a vehicle carrying Maria Alvarez, 71, and her granddaughter, Emilia Tambunga, both of whom perished.  The entire town of Ozona is in sorrow following the tragic occurrence, which has infuriated the local government.

Texas Authorities Confirm Incident

Two of the eleven illegal immigrants in Comer’s vehicle were eventually identified as Mexican men aged 42 and 45 who had been brought into the country unlawfully.

The Texas Department of Public Safety verified to The Post that Comer is under investigation for human smuggling and that a multitude of charges relating to the incident is pending against him. Following the event, he remained in critical condition at the hospital on Thursday.

Preddy Funeral Home identified the victims as Maria Alvarez, 71, and her granddaughter Emilia, 7.

Many vehicles were involved in the fatal collision that occurred four hours west of San Antonio in the isolated village of Ozona. Monday night, KLST Comer refused to pull over when police attempted to pull him over for speeding. The driver then drove through the town of 17,000 people, ran a red light, and collided with Alvarez’s vehicle.

Rep. Tony Gonzales said, “Although I am heartbroken, I am also furious.” “Enough is sufficient.  Americans are killed by unauthorized immigration. We must cease the hyperbole and give solutions.”

Numerous emergency services, including a medical helicopter and an Airmed airplane, were dispatched to the location, but Alvarez and Tambunga were pronounced dead at the spot.

On Monday, a grandmother and granddaughter were killed in Ozona after their vehicle was struck during a high-speed chase of migrants.

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Human Smuggling

Texas police say a man carrying illegal immigrants killed a 7-year-old, her grandmother, and two others while running from police.

On Thursday, funeral services will be held for the cherished pair, who was reported as being extremely close. Elisa Tambunga, the girl’s heartbroken mother, told local media.

The mother of Elisa Tambunga stated, “My father, sister, and I are attempting to process.” We only require prayers at the moment.

Although while wrecks and rollovers involving illegal immigrants are common in southern Texas, traffickers or migrants being transported into the nation are typically the only ones killed or injured. Seldom are innocent bystanders injured or murdered.

Comer was discovered to be from Bossier City, Louisiana. It is probable that a smuggling organization recruited him through social media. Cartels frequently entice out-of-state drivers to travel to Texas and transport illegal immigrants with the prospect of thousands of dollars if successful.

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