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A Journey from Oppression to the Cosmos: The Remarkable Story of the Scientist who Transformed Space Travel

 A new archive will be released in recognition of Ben Abeles’ incredible journey. Ben Abeles had a remarkable impact on the scientific community. 

He made a significant contribution to the development of alloys that were necessary components of the radioisotope generators that drove American robot space probes to other planets.

Ben Abeles: From Refugee to Space Pioneer

The wonders of the solar system, such as the cold moons of Jupiter and the ancient river beds of Mars, were then made known by NASA.

One of the systems is still operational, powering the Perseverance robot rover as it currently trudges across the surface of the planet.

Although a bright scientist, Abeles had a bleak beginning to live. He traveled from Prague to Britain as a child refugee as part of the Kindertransport, a rescue operation that assisted some 10,000 kids in leaving Nazi-occupied Europe and settling in London.

The University of Southampton will release an archive of records and images next week to commemorate Abeles’ extraordinary journey from escaping Hitler to visiting alien worlds.

There will be items like the tag that was around his neck when he boarded the Kindertransport, the Stuart Ballantine medal that the US Franklin Institute awarded him in 1979 for his work on powering space probes, and a note that he sent home to his parents in 1941 to let them know that he was healthy. performing kitchen work.

Abeles returned to what was then Czechoslovakia after the war to look for his parents and older sister, but he soon learned that they had perished at the Polish concentration camp of Trawniki.

Prior to moving to Israel and subsequently New Jersey in 1956, where he worked as a physicist for 53 years, he went on to complete his undergraduate studies in Prague.

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Scientist’s Extraordinary Journeys to Remote Frontiers

A new archive will be released in recognition of Ben Abeles’ incredible journey.
Ben Abeles had a remarkable impact on the scientific community.

Another scientist, meanwhile, reveals the WILDEST encounters she’s had when visiting the most isolated locations.

This scientist has been to some of the most isolated locations on the earth in an effort to understand more about climate change.

Ulyana Horodyskyj Pena, 37, has now shared some of the wildest locations she has been to with, from the cold coast of Antarctica to a remote peninsula in the Russian Far East.

The explorer from Colorado who teaches climate change at the University of Colorado Boulder and has previously worked with NASA says it takes a lot of planning to visit remote locations, and having a satellite communication device is another important safety measure.

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