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Samsung Joins Hyundai in Backing AI Chip Firm Tenstorrent with $100 Million Investment

Canada-based AI chip company, Tenstorrent Inc., secures $100 million in funding from South Korean giants Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung Electronics.

The substantial investment underscores the growing interest in AI technology and the potential of specialized AI chips to drive innovation across various industries.

Samsung’s Strategic Investment to Boost AI Capabilities

Tenstorrent has been gaining significant attention in the AI chip market for its cutting-edge technology, including its highly efficient and scalable Grayskull architecture. This unique architecture enables faster and more powerful AI computations, making it ideal for applications such as natural language processing, computer vision, and autonomous systems.

Hyundai’s investment in Tenstorrent signifies the automotive industry’s recognition of the critical role AI chips play in advancing autonomous driving technology. With AI-driven functionalities becoming increasingly vital in the automotive sector, the collaboration is expected to bolster Hyundai’s efforts to develop smarter, safer, and more efficient autonomous vehicles.

Similarly, for Samsung Electronics, this strategic investment in Tenstorrent reflects the company’s commitment to strengthening its AI capabilities across its diverse product portfolio. By incorporating advanced AI chips in their smartphones, smart home devices, and other consumer electronics, Samsung aims to deliver enhanced user experiences and optimize device performance.

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AI Chip Market Set for Substantial Expansion

Canada-based AI chip company, Tenstorrent Inc., secures $100 million in funding from South Korean giants Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung Electronics.


The influx of $100 million in funding will empower Tenstorrent to accelerate its research and development efforts, improve production capabilities, and expand its market presence. 

The company has outlined plans to continue collaborating with industry partners to optimize AI chip integration in a wide range of applications, from cloud data centers to edge devices.

Dr. Ljubisa Bajic, CEO and Co-founder of Tenstorrent, expressed his gratitude for the support from Hyundai and Samsung, stating, “This investment represents a significant milestone for Tenstorrent. We are excited to have such reputable global partners onboard as we continue to drive innovation and reshape the AI chip landscape.”

As the demand for AI-driven technologies surges across industries, the investment from Hyundai and Samsung is expected to pave the way for future partnerships and foster technological advancements in the AI chip sector.

The partnership between Tenstorrent, Hyundai, and Samsung is likely to contribute to the further democratization of AI and propel the development of AI-powered solutions that have the potential to transform industries and improve everyday lives. 

With the AI chip market projected to witness substantial growth in the coming years, this investment signals a significant step in shaping the future of AI technology on a global scale.

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