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Kentucky Mother Describes Tragic Shooting of 2 Sons as an ‘Unfortunate Accident

The 32-year-old mother Tiffanie Ann Katherine Lucas was charged with two charges of murder, which caused a catastrophic occurrence to Rock Shepherdsville, Kentucky. 

After the sorrowful incident involving the fatal shooting of her two sons, Maurice Baker Jr., aged 6, and Jayden Howard, aged 9.

Kentucky Court Reveals Details of 30-Second Tragedy

The heart-wrenching event that unfolded on November 8 has left the community reeling and searching for answers. During court proceedings this week, shocking details emerged from Bullitt County Sheriff’s Detective Richard Beahl, shedding light on Lucas’s statement during a three-hour interrogation. 

According to Beahl’s testimony, Lucas claimed the fatal shooting was an accident, expressing the possibility of being manipulated through Facebook or influenced via the internet.

Beahl revealed in court that both boys had sustained fatal gunshot wounds to their heads, indicating that four shots were fired within a harrowing 30-second span. Lucas purportedly insisted the tragedy was unintentional, denying any intent to harm her children.

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911 Call Unveils Fatally Injured Boys and a Firearm

The 32-year-old mother Tiffanie Ann Katherine Lucas was charged with two charges of murder, which caused a catastrophic occurrence to rock Shepherdsville, Kentucky.


The grim sequence of events began when a neighbor dialed 911 upon finding the fatally injured boys alongside a firearm on a bed in their home on Bentwood Drive. 

As law enforcement responded to the distressing call, they discovered Maurice and Jayden critically wounded. Despite efforts to save them, the boys succumbed to their injuries after being rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville.

Lucas, in her questioning, expressed remorse and bewilderment, citing being in a “bad spot” and claiming she “would never do anything like this unless someone manipulated me.” She specifically pointed towards manipulation through social media channels like Facebook or the internet, indicating an external influence in the tragic incident.

The community remains in mourning, grappling with the incomprehensible loss while awaiting further investigation into this heartrending case that has underscored the potential dangers of online manipulation and its catastrophic real-world consequences.

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