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Killing of Mexico’s Pioneering Nonbinary Magistrate Shakes LGBTQ Advocates

Prominent nonbinary Mexican magistrate Jesus Ociel Baena passed away recently, sparking a wave of protests and sadness among the LGBTQ community.

Initial investigations suggest a tragic murder-suicide involving Baena and their partner, leading to conflicting narratives about the circumstances surrounding this deeply saddening event.

Jesus Ociel Baena’s Death Raises Questions 

Baena, the first Mexican citizen to be granted a non-binary passport, was found lifeless alongside another individual at their home in Aguascalientes State on Monday. 

Despite official statements ruling out the involvement of a third party, demonstrations erupted in Mexico City, with some insisting that Baena fell victim to a hate crime.

Aguascalientes prosecutor Jesus Figueroa dismissed claims of a hate crime, stating, “We consider that first there was the privation of life of the magistrate and later self-privation by their partner.” 

Initial findings indicate that the only recorded movement at Baena’s residence was the couple’s arrival in the early hours of Monday, several hours before their bodies were discovered.

Figueroa revealed that Baena sustained 20 wounds, including a fatal one to the jugular vein. The partner, identified as Dorian Daniel N, exhibited cuts on their fingers, presumably from manipulating a razor blade used in the attack. Dorian Daniel N reportedly took their own life by slitting their throat.

Despite the official explanation, Baena’s sister, Cynthia, vehemently denied any suggestion of violence between the partners. 

She described them as peaceful individuals who “loved each other very much” and had plans for the future. Cynthia accused the prosecution of spreading falsehoods, emphasizing that she had spoken with her brother the night before the incident, and they were both happy after returning from a trip to Oaxaca.

Jesus Ociel Baena, aged 38, made history in October 2022 by becoming the first non-binary magistrate to serve on a Mexican electoral tribunal. Their appointment marked a significant milestone not only for Mexico but for all of Latin America.

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LGBTQ Safety After Killing of Nonbinary Mexican

Prominent non-binary Mexican magistrate Jesus Ociel Baena passed away recently, sparking a wave of protests and sadness among the LGBTQ community.

Rights advocacy group Letra S urged Mexican authorities to conduct a comprehensive and unbiased investigation into the incident. 

Felix Medina, a senior human rights official in the interior ministry, emphasized the importance of following established protocols for cases involving aggression against LGBTQ community members, leaving no room for discarded evidence.

As Mexico grapples with the loss of a trailblazing figure in LGBTQ rights, the incident raises broader questions about the safety and protection of marginalized communities, demanding thorough scrutiny and commitment to justice from the authorities.

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