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8 Free Games That Reward You with Real Money

Why not make money from your love of mobile gaming if you’re already completely engrossed in it? Many games make the claim to pay out in cash. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to distinguish between the trustworthy and questionable prospects. We’ll look at ten of the top free games in this guide that offer both entertainment and the possibility to win real money.

Turning Playtime into Paytime

Bubble Cash

  • Method of Payment: PayPal Account
  • The traditional bubble shooter game is given a competitive edge in Papaya Gaming’s Bubble Cash. Strategically shoot bubbles to form clusters and get high points. Enter tournaments to gain money based on your performance, which will encourage quick thinking and fast thinking.

Fruit Frenzy

  • Payment options include credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal.
  • Play Fruit Frenzy, a dynamic game from Pocket7Games where players match different fruit images to join in on the fun. To be eligible to earn cash prizes in tournaments, efficiently clear the board to accumulate a high score. Although it’s free to play, certain games could charge an admission fee.

Bubble Buzz

  • Payment Methods: Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Visa, or Apple Pay
  • Similar to Bubble Cash, Bubble Buzz tests players’ ability to fire bubbles with timing and accuracy. Participate in unique activities and pit yourself against others to receive monetary rewards, but be aware of any admission costs.

8 Ball Strike

  • Payment Method: PayPal Account
  • Use 8 Ball Strike on your mobile device to play realistic pool. Place pot balls into pockets to gain points; each ball has a different multiplier. Earned points can be exchanged for in-game money to get into cash matches.

Dominoes Gold

  • Payment Method: Amazon Gift Cards
  • With Dominoes Gold, you can update the classic domino game. Play time-limited games against players worldwide in matches that are integrated with the Skillz platform. In certain events, earn points by strategically building domino chains to earn cash awards.

Word Search

  • Payment Methods: PayPal or Bank Account
  • Word Search is available on Pocket7Games for fans of word puzzles. Combining vocabulary and speed, find words within a time limit to earn points and play in tournaments for cash rewards.

Pool Payday

  • Payment Methods: PayPal or Bank Account
  • Pocket7Games provides Word Search for fans of word puzzles. By mixing vocabulary and speed, players must find words within a predetermined amount of time to earn points and compete in tournaments for cash rewards.

Strike! By Bowlero

  • Redeemable in-person at Bowlero, AMF, or Bowlmor locations; payment method
  • Fans of bowling will love Strike! By Bowlero, providing a fun and entertaining mobile bowling experience. Select between classic or blacklight bowling, then use the Skillz platform to compete worldwide.

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Mobile Games Where Fun Meets Real 

Why not make money from your love of mobile gaming if you’re already completely engrossed in it? Many games make the claim to pay out in cash.

These free games with real money awards can help you make the most of your gaming habit. 

Whether you like bubbles, riddles, or vintage sports, these games provide a fun way to perhaps add a little additional cash to your bank account.

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