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Virginia Authorities Seek Hammer-Wielding Attacker in McDonald’s Assault

In a shocking incident that unfolded at a McDonald’s in Ladysmith, Virginia, officials are on a desperate search for 48-year-old Bertram Smithen from Lorton. 

The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has launched an active manhunt following an alarming assault on a McDonald’s employee on November 25. The incident has left the community on edge and authorities urging residents to stay vigilant.

Unprovoked McDonald’s Assault

According to a news release from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, Bertram Smithen entered a McDonald’s in Ladysmith and violently attacked an employee with a hammer. 

The situation escalated as Smithen engaged in physical altercations with several others present at the fast-food establishment. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, leaving both law enforcement and the community perplexed.

After the brutal assault, authorities report that Smithen attempted to gain access to an occupied vehicle in the McDonald’s parking lot, heightening the severity of the situation. 

Failing in his attempt, he then fled into the nearby woods behind the McDonald’s, evading immediate capture. The escape has only intensified the urgency of the manhunt, with officials considering Smithen to be dangerous.

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Virginia Manhunt Is Started After Brutal McDonald’s Attack

In a shocking incident that unfolded at a McDonald’s in Ladysmith, Virginia, officials are on a desperate search for 48-year-old Bertram Smithen from Lorton.

The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has mobilized a comprehensive search operation for Bertram Smithen, urging residents and the public to exercise extreme caution. Officials have explicitly advised against approaching Smithen and instead instructed anyone who encounters him to immediately call 911. 

The nature of the attack and subsequent escape underscores the potential threat posed by Smithen, necessitating a swift and thorough apprehension.

The incident has left Ladysmith residents and neighboring communities concerned for their safety, as the search for Smithen continues.

 Local authorities are working diligently to keep the public informed and are actively seeking assistance from anyone with information about Smithen’s whereabouts. The community’s cooperation is crucial in ensuring a swift resolution to the ongoing manhunt.

The violent attack at a McDonald’s in Ladysmith has thrust the community into a state of unease, prompting a concerted effort by law enforcement to locate and apprehend Bertram Smithen.

As the manhunt unfolds, residents are reminded to remain vigilant and report any information that may aid in Smithen’s swift capture. 

The collaboration between the public and law enforcement is essential in bringing resolution to this unsettling incident and ensuring the safety of the community.

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