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Alabama Tax Rebate: Update Your Address By Nov 29 To Get Paper Check

Alabama is gearing up to send a one-time tax rebate to eligible taxpayers, providing a financial boost as the holiday season approaches. 

The key details surrounding the Alabama tax rebate, including the amounts, distribution methods, and crucial updates that taxpayers need to be aware of before the rebate starts rolling out on December 1.

A Guide to Governor Ivey’s One-Time Tax Rebate 

Governor Kay Ivey approved the one-time Alabama tax rebate earlier this year, aiming to support hard-working Alabamians during the festive season. 

Eligible individuals are set to receive $150, while married couples filing jointly will enjoy a rebate of $300. 

To qualify for this rebate, taxpayers must have filed their 2021 income taxes by October 17, 2022. It’s important to note that nonresidents, trusts, estates, and people claimed as dependents do not qualify for the rebate.

Alabama will disburse the rebate electronically or by paper check, depending on how taxpayers received their tax refund in 2021. 

Those who received their refund electronically will get the rebate through direct deposit, while others will receive a paper check. 

The state will utilize the same bank account for direct deposit as used for the 2021 refund.

Taxpayers expecting a paper check are urged to verify and update their mailing address with the Alabama Department of Revenue. Address updates must be completed before 5 p.m. on November 29. Failure to update the address may result in delays or issues with receiving the rebate.

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Maximizing Your Alabama Tax Rebate

Alabama is gearing up to send a one-time tax rebate to eligible taxpayers, providing a financial boost as the holiday season approaches.

To update your address, you must register for a My Alabama Taxes account. Visit the provided links for My Alabama Taxes account registration and address updates. 

This ensures that the rebate reaches you promptly and avoids any inconvenience during the distribution process.

The guidelines also outline specific scenarios and exceptions regarding the rebate. 

For instance, individuals who filed their 2021 return jointly but are now dealing with the unfortunate circumstance of a deceased spouse will still receive a $300 rebate. 

Meanwhile, those who filed joint 2021 returns but filed separate 2022 returns will be issued two separate checks of $150 each.

Additionally, individuals who filed their 2021 return as single but got married afterward will receive the $150 rebate. Similarly, those who filed a joint 2021 return but subsequently filed a joint 2022 return with a different spouse will receive two separate checks of $150 each.

As Alabama prepares to distribute the one-time tax rebate, eligible taxpayers are urged to stay informed and take necessary actions to ensure a smooth and timely process. 

Whether updating addresses or understanding special cases, adhering to the guidelines outlined by the Alabama Department of Revenue will help maximize the benefits of this financial relief during the holiday season. 

Taxpayers can visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website or contact 334-242-1170 for more information.

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