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Unveiling the State’s Top Cheeseburger Joint

Americans have a deep-seated love affair with burgers, devouring an estimated average of 60 burgers per person each year. 

While many of these may be forgettable fast-food encounters, Yelp’s recent analysis sought to elevate the burger experience by identifying the top cheeseburger joint in each state, creating a culinary roadmap that spans the diverse landscapes of the United States.

Savoring the Best

Alaska: Alaskan Burger & Brew, Anchorage

In Alaska, the go-to spot for a delectable cheeseburger is Alaskan Burger & Brew in Anchorage. Amidst the picturesque surroundings, residents and visitors alike can savor a burger that stands out in this northern state.

Alabama: Our Place Diner, Ozark

Heading south to Alabama, Our Place Diner in Ozark claims the crown for the best cheeseburgers in the state. This charming diner promises a flavorful journey for those looking to satisfy their burger cravings.

Arkansas: Table on 6th, Bentonville

In the heart of Arkansas, Table on 6th in Bentonville takes the spotlight. This establishment combines a cozy ambiance with a menu that celebrates the art of crafting the perfect cheeseburger.

Arizona: Happy’s Hamburgers, Scottsdale

For those in the vibrant state of Arizona, Happy’s Hamburgers in Scottsdale promises a delightful experience. Renowned for its flavorful offerings, this spot has secured its place as the top cheeseburger joint.

California: For The Win, Los Angeles

The Golden State’s winner is For The Win in Los Angeles, where cheeseburger aficionados can indulge in a culinary triumph. Amidst the hustle and bustle of LA, For The Win stands out for its exceptional cheeseburgers.

Colorado: Burgers & Gyros, Estes Park

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado is Burgers & Gyros in Estes Park, claiming the title of the state’s best cheeseburger joint. It’s a testament to the diverse culinary offerings across the Centennial State.

Connecticut: Shady Glen Dairy Stores, Manchester

Heading to the Northeast, Connecticut boasts Shady Glen Dairy Stores in Manchester as the go-to place for cheeseburgers. This nostalgic spot has become a local favorite, earning its place on the list.

Washington, D.C.: The Admiral

Even the nation’s capital has a standout cheeseburger joint, and it’s aptly named The Admiral. Washington, D.C., residents can savor the flavors of a top-tier cheeseburger right in the heart of the city.

Delaware: Ocean View Brewery, Ocean View

In the coastal state of Delaware, Ocean View Brewery takes the spotlight. This brewery not only offers a variety of craft beers but also stands out for its mouthwatering cheeseburgers.

Florida: North South Grill, Pembroke Pines

Florida’s cheeseburger aficionados need look no further than North South Grill in Pembroke Pines. With a diverse menu and a commitment to quality, this spot has become a staple for burger enthusiasts.

Georgia: Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta

Heading to the Peach State, Atlanta’s Holeman and Finch Public House emerges as the top cheeseburger destination. Renowned for its culinary prowess, this spot offers a burger experience that is sure to be memorable.

Hawaii: Shige’s Saimin Stand, Wahiawa

In the tropical paradise of Hawaii, Shige’s Saimin Stand in Wahiawa stands out as the best cheeseburger joint. Combining local flavors with classic favorites, this spot captures the essence of Hawaiian culinary delights.

Iowa: Burger Shop, Clive

Burger enthusiasts in Iowa need to make their way to Clive’s Burger Shop, hailed as the best cheeseburger spot in the state. This establishment blends affordability with a commitment to delivering a memorable burger experience.

Idaho: Hit List, Garden City

Venturing to the scenic state of Idaho, Hit List in Garden City is the place to be for cheeseburger connoisseurs. With a focus on quality ingredients and mouthwatering flavors, it has secured its spot on the list.

Illinois: Au Cheval, Chicago

As the analysis unfolds, one cheeseburger joint rises to the top, not only in Illinois but across the nation. Au Cheval in Chicago claims the highest honor, offering not only craft cocktails and late-night bites but also burgers that redefine the culinary experience.

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Top Cheeseburger Joints Across the US

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Americans have a deep-seated love affair with burgers, devouring an estimated average of 60 burgers per person each year.

Each state on the list boasts a unique cheeseburger joint, a testament to the diverse culinary landscapes that define the United States. 

Whether it’s the charming appeal of Alaskan Burger & Brew, the southern hospitality of Our Place Diner, or the culinary craftsmanship of Au Cheval, these establishments have succeeded in creating cheeseburgers that are destined to be memorable, setting a new standard for burger enthusiasts across the country. 

To explore the full list and discover your next cheeseburger destination, visit Yelp for a map of each state’s top spot and links to their respective Yelp pages.

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