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Nvidia in Talks with US Government Regarding AI Chip Exports to China

The Biden administration is engaged in discussions with Nvidia regarding the permissible sales of artificial intelligence (AI) chips to China. 

However, the administration emphasizes that the most advanced semiconductors, particularly those with the highest processing power, cannot be sold to Chinese firms. 

US Calls for Limits on AI Chip Sales to China

Gina Raimondo, the US Commerce Secretary, highlighted the importance of restricting China’s access to sophisticated AI chips that could potentially enhance its capabilities in training frontier models.

In an interview, Raimondo stated that Nvidia “can, will, and should sell AI chips to China because most AI chips will be for commercial applications.” She clarified that the restriction primarily revolves around preventing the sale of the most advanced and powerful AI chips that could have strategic implications.

Raimondo revealed that she recently spoke with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who expressed a commitment to abiding by the rules.  She emphasized the need for clear guidelines and cooperation between the government and companies like Nvidia to ensure compliance.

The Commerce Secretary issued a warning to chip companies, stating that redesigning chips just below the established cutline would not be tolerated.  Raimondo emphasized her intent to control any attempts to circumvent restrictions by redesigning chips specifically for AI applications.

Acknowledging Nvidia’s willingness to collaborate, Raimondo highlighted the ongoing efforts to work together, emphasizing the company’s desire to act responsibly while maximizing chip sales.

Nvidia, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, is navigating the complexities of export curbs and compliance with regulations. While the company declined to comment on the ongoing discussions, CEO Jensen Huang previously mentioned working closely with the US government to ensure adherence to export restrictions.

Raimondo’s remarks come in the context of broader efforts to manage the sale and export of advanced technologies, especially those with potential national security implications. 

The Biden administration is taking a cautious approach to strike a balance between economic interests and safeguarding critical technologies from falling into the wrong hands.

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Nvidia Compliance Journey in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Biden administration is engaged in discussions with Nvidia regarding the permissible sales of artificial intelligence (AI) chips to China.

The US Commerce Secretary also addressed other issues, including the establishment of a commercial issues working group with China, recent developments in financial sectors, and concerns about Boeing airplane deliveries to Chinese airlines. 

Raimondo emphasized the need for legislation to address potential security threats posed by foreign apps like TikTok, calling on Congress to provide the necessary tools to address such concerns without resorting to outright bans.

As the Biden administration navigates the intricate landscape of technology exports and international relations, its engagement with companies like Nvidia reflects a commitment to managing the dual challenges of economic cooperation and national security.

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