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Lincoln Project Ad Spotlights Trump’s Noteworthy Scent in Viral Campaign

Over the weekend, The Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump group, stirred controversy with a new ad that took an unusual approach in criticizing former President Donald Trump. 

The ad, titled “Limburger,” not only attacked Trump’s policies but also took a jab at his personal hygiene, claiming he “smells bad.” The provocative campaign has sparked discussions and reactions, adding a peculiar twist to the ongoing political discourse.

The Unconventional Ad

In a social media post on Sunday, The Lincoln Project shared the ad with the caption, “Is that you Donald?” accompanied by the hashtag #TrumpSmells. 

The approximately 40-second video features images of garbage, feces, old cheese, and soiled diapers, with audio snippets of voices sniffing and coughing. The ad takes a humorous yet pointed approach to criticize the former president, raising eyebrows with its unconventional content.

As the video progresses, a voiceover claims, “Claiming the former president smells bad” while showing an image of Trump Tower. Comedian Kathy Griffin chimes in, stating, “The Donald has a distinct smell. It’s like body odor with a scented makeup product.” Another voice in the ad adds, “Ew, Donald. Is that you?” The ad aims to associate a particular scent with the former president, taking a departure from traditional political critique.

The discussion about Donald Trump’s body odor gained momentum earlier in the month when former Rep. Adam Kinzinger made a post on social media addressing the issue.

Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican, expressed surprise at the lack of discussions about Trump’s scent among people close to him and even advised wearing a mask in his presence. The ad by The Lincoln Project seems to capitalize on this recent conversation, turning it into a creative and attention-grabbing political statement.

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The Lincoln Project’s Ad Sparks Backlash

Over the weekend, The Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump group, stirred controversy with a new ad that took an unusual approach in criticizing former President Donald Trump.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung responded to Kinzinger’s remarks, dismissing them as baseless and attacking the former congressman’s character. The controversy has now extended to The Lincoln Project’s ad, prompting discussions about the appropriateness of using personal hygiene as a political point of critique.

The Washington Times has reached out to the Trump campaign for a response to The Lincoln Project’s ad. The former president’s team’s reaction, if provided, will likely contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding this unexpected turn in political messaging.

As political discourse continues to evolve, The Lincoln Project’s “Limburger” ad has added a unique and somewhat bizarre element to the conversation. The use of personal hygiene as a point of critique raises questions about the boundaries of political advertising and the effectiveness of unconventional approaches in capturing public attention.

The response from the Trump campaign will be closely watched, shaping the narrative around this unexpected twist in the ongoing political drama.

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