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Florida Nurse Faces Charges for Poisoning Neighbor’s Animals

In a shocking case, a 51-year-old Florida nurse, Tamesha Knighten, is facing three counts of felony animal cruelty and one count of depositing poison in a public area. 

The charges stem from accusations that Knighten killed her neighbors’ pets by feeding them poison-laced chicken on August 16, 2023, as announced by the Polk County Sheriff’s office.

Neighbors Allege Ongoing Threats

The neighbors reported to the authorities that Knighten had repeatedly threatened to harm their animals if they entered her yard. 

On the day of the alleged poisoning, Florida nurse Knighten also allegedly confronted their children while they were playing outside. 

When the neighbors’ cat exhibited unusual behavior, Knighten purportedly dismissed it as having swallowed a frog, according to statements provided to the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office revealed that two cats, Luna and Pancake, along with a pregnant Chihuahua named Daisy, fell victim to a highly-concentrated amount of Phorate, a pesticide commonly found in insecticides.

 Knighten allegedly laced chicken with the poisonous substance, referring to it as her “special sauce” during statements to authorities.

Tragically, Daisy, who was pregnant with eight puppies, and the neighbors’ two cats died within hours of each other on August 16. 

They showed symptoms such as choking, foaming at the mouth, severe physical pain, and difficulty breathing. The unborn puppies also perished along with Daisy.

During the investigation, authorities discovered a Styrofoam bowl containing a substance resembling white meat mixed with a dark material. Subsequent findings from video evidence allegedly showed Knighten holding a similar bowl with a white and brown substance, while pointing towards the neighbors’ yard and conversing with a relative.

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University of Florida Leads Poison Confirmation in High-Profile Animal Cruelty Case

In a shocking case, a 51-year-old Florida nurse, Tamesha Knighten, is facing three counts of felony animal cruelty and one count of depositing poison in a public area.

Confirmation of the poison required extensive analysis, with samples of the substance, the animals’ tissues, and ant bait provided by Knighten sent to the University of Florida and labs at Texas A&M University and Michigan State UniversityOnce it was established that the animals ingested Phorate, Knighten was arrested and charged.

Sheriff Grady Judd expressed his dismay over the case, stating, “These people lost their beloved pets in a most horrific way, and she lost her freedom by going to jail. 

It takes a cold-hearted person to poison and kill two cats and a pregnant dog — it’s hard to imagine how a person in the medical field could do such a thing.” The motive behind the alleged poisoning remains unclear, and the case raises questions about the actions of an individual in the medical profession engaging in such cruelty.

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