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Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Trump’s Handling of Jan. 6 in Light of Fresh Details

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump for his reported inaction during the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. 

Speaking on ABC News “This Week,” Pelosi accused Trump of inciting an insurrection, marking the three-year anniversary of the violent event.

Trump’s Alleged Indifference During Capitol Riot Uncovered 

Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing, maintaining that he did nothing wrong on Jan. 6 and downplaying the severity of the chaos. 

Nancy Pelosi, however, highlighted the significance of the upcoming 2024 race, emphasizing the need to prove the strength of the nation’s values.

During the interview, Pelosi referenced the national anthem, stressing the importance of upholding the values of liberty and justice. She criticized Trump for not taking action to stop the violence, denouncing his involvement in what she referred to as the “big lie.”

New details from ABC News have surfaced, revealing Trump’s reported disinterest in intervening during the riot. Sources familiar with testimony in the special counsel’s investigation indicated that Trump remained uninterested in taking action to halt the mob that eventually stormed the Capitol.

Despite recent polling showing a significant number of Republicans falsely believing Trump won the 2020 election, Pelosi reiterated the importance of speaking the truth. 

She acknowledged the challenge of addressing differing beliefs but emphasized the need to bring people together and stated unequivocally that the assault on the Constitution cannot stand.

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Nancy Pelosi Weighs In on Barring Trump from Future Presidential Run 

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump for his reported inaction during the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

Nancy Pelosi also commented on the possibility of barring Trump from running for president again under the 14th Amendment, citing the courts as the ultimate decision-makers on the matter. However, she expressed her belief that Trump engaged in an insurrection.

Addressing Republicans’ demands for major immigration reform, Mancy Pelosi emphasized the need to avoid a government shutdown. While recognizing the importance of securing the border, she stressed the importance of handling immigration reform with care and honoring responsibilities related to asylum.

The interview concluded with Pelosi highlighting that many revelations about Trump’s actions have come from Republicans, underscoring the clarity surrounding the events of Jan. 6. 

Despite challenges in addressing differing beliefs, Pelosi emphasized the necessity of a unified approach and reiterated that no one is above the law.

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