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Several Transgender Deaths in Mexico Spark Early Year Outrage

The new year in Mexico has been marred by a series of tragic deaths within the transgender community, igniting protests, outrage, and fear among LGBTQ individuals across the country. 

At least three transgender people have lost their lives in the first 15 days of the year, shedding light on the persistent violence faced by the LGBTQ community in Mexico.

Transgender Activist Samantha Gómes Fonseca Fatally Shot

On January 14, Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office reported the fatal shooting of a transgender woman in a car. LGBTQ rights advocacy groups have identified the victim as Samantha Gómes Fonseca, a prominent activist with a notable track record in defending vulnerable groups. Fonseca was even running for the Senate of the Republic of Mexico as part of the left-leaning Morena political party.

The LGBTQ rights advocacy group Yaaj emphasized that much of the hate speech against the trans community has originated from representatives of the state, highlighting a concerning trend. 

This tragic incident follows President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s controversial comment earlier this month, referring to Mexico’s first openly transgender representative Salma Luévano as a “man dressed as a woman.” López Obrador later apologized for the comment, acknowledging the need for respect and acceptance regardless of identity.

The recent killings have intensified concerns about anti-transgender sentiment in Mexico, with advocates condemning the violence and urging action against such sentiments. Salma Luévano, a target of the president’s comments, expressed her fear for life but emphasized her determination to continue speaking out against injustice.

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Anti-Transgender Sentiment Sparks Outcry and Determination in Mexico

The new year in Mexico has been marred by a series of tragic deaths within the transgender community, igniting protests, outrage, and fear among LGBTQ individuals across the country.

On January 11, another transgender activist, Miriam Ríos, was fatally shot in her store, according to Michoacán’s Attorney General’s Office. Ríos served as the municipal commissioner of the Movimiento Ciudadano in Michoacán, a left-leaning political party in Mexico. The party vowed not to let the act go unpunished and demanded justice for Ríos.

The Movement for Equality in Mexico (MOVii), an LGBTQ political advocacy organization, denounced Ríos’s killing as an attack on human rights and the fight for equality.

The organization stressed the urgent need to ensure the safety and protection of all individuals participating in political life, especially those from historically marginalized groups.

Adding to the grim toll, another transgender individual was found by municipal police in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on January 13, with an apparent gunshot wound in their back.

These heartbreaking incidents underscore the ongoing violence against the LGBTQ community in Mexico, with hundreds of murders reported in recent years. LGBTQ advocacy group Letra Ese revealed at least “453 violent deaths of sexually diverse people” between 2018 and 2022. 

In response, members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters took to the streets of Mexico City, demanding an end to the violence and advocating for respect, visibility, and recognition of gender identity. 

The deaths highlight the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to address the root causes of violence and discrimination against the transgender community in Mexico.

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