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Student Loan Forgiveness Alert: Check If You Qualify for Cuts in 2024

President Joe Biden’s commitment to alleviating the burden of student loan debt persists despite setbacks encountered by his initial plan. 

Following the Supreme Court’s declaration of its unconstitutionality, the administration has pivoted to a new strategy, aptly dubbed plan B, currently undergoing the regulatory process.

Who Qualifies Under Plan B

While details of the new plan began to surface in the fall of 2023, uncertainties linger regarding its effectiveness and scope. Plan B proposes a more targeted approach, focusing on specific groups of vulnerable borrowers. 

Borrowers who have been repaying their debts for a minimum of 25 years, those with more debt than they initially borrowed, and those enrolled in programs with insufficient funding are examples of these. 

The government seeks to eliminate surplus amounts under plan B for borrowers whose debt has grown above what they initially borrowed due to loan rates. In addition, outstanding debt may be discharged for people who have completed 300 months of repayment by July 1, 2025, including times of default or forbearance.

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Biden’s Continued Student Loan Efforts

President Joe Biden’s commitment to alleviating the burden of student loan debt persists despite setbacks encountered by his initial plan.


While the new plan signifies a shift towards a more tailored relief effort, it also implies stricter eligibility criteria, potentially limiting the number of beneficiaries compared to the original proposal. As the regulatory process unfolds and further specifics emerge, the ultimate impact of plan B remains uncertain.

President Biden’s unwavering dedication to leveraging all available resources to provide relief underscores the administration’s commitment to addressing the student debt crisis. 

Despite legal obstacles and challenges, efforts to support borrowers persist, reflecting a determination to mitigate the financial strain faced by millions of Americans burdened by student loans.

As stakeholders await further developments and clarity regarding the implementation of plan B, its efficacy in alleviating the student debt crisis remains to be seen. Nonetheless, President Biden’s resolute stance signals a continued commitment to pursuing avenues for meaningful relief for struggling borrowers.

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