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TikTok Safety Officer Details Platform’s Approach to Tackle Dangerous Content

TikTok is a well-known social media platform with over 6 million users that has become quite popular in Illinois because of its short-form videos. 

This exponential growth has not only captivated individuals but has also become a cornerstone for businesses seeking innovative ways to advertise and engage with their audience.

Disturbing Content Worries

In a recent demonstration by the Chicago TikTok Sparks Community, a collective of successful content creators in the Chicago area, the versatile nature of TikTok as an advertising tool was showcased. 

Businesses like XO Marshmallow on Clark Street and Chicago Auto Pros in Lombard utilize TikTok to showcase their offerings, from hot cocoa flights to intricate car detailing processes.

However, alongside its potential for positive promotion, TikTok has also garnered attention for its role in spreading disturbing and potentially dangerous content. Instances such as the circulation of a violent altercation at Wheaton Warrenville High School and tutorials on car thefts have underscored the platform’s challenges in moderating harmful material.

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TikTok’s Safety Commitment

TikTok is a well-known social media platform with over 6 million users that has become quite popular in Illinois because of its short-form videos.


Suzy Loftus, Head of Trust and Safety for TikTok USDS, emphasized the platform’s commitment to safeguarding users by swiftly removing inappropriate content. With a global network of safety professionals, TikTok removed over 68 million videos for violating community guidelines last year, with the majority flagged and removed proactively.

Loftus admits that it’s challenging to stay ahead of damaging posts completely in spite of these attempts. With plans to invest $2 billion this year alone, TikTok is nevertheless making investments in safety and trust enhancements.

In addition to using technology to make the internet a better place, TikTok also promotes reporting of violent or hateful content and gives users control over their privacy settings.

TikTok is still very much committed to building a positive community, even as its influence grows. TikTok wants to create a welcoming and interesting community for its varied user base while reducing the dissemination of bad content by utilizing technology and user feedback. 

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